Tuesday, February 14, 2012

And Now I Will Do The Snoopy Dance Of Happy

I just made myself laugh with my own title. That has to be a sign of something, just not sure what.

While others are in the mood for love, we got our tax return. After my sixth lap around the house screaming, "hooray, we're not broke any more!!!" I stopped to ask when the state one should arrive. While it's presence won't cause me to bust a move, it will make me smile all purdy like and then get down to business of ordering school stuff for next year.

Talk about your kill-joy. But if nothing else, I am practical.

I can't say that this falls under practical but, Hubby now has a twitter account AND a facebook account. Why he did this I'm not sure. When you look in the dictionary, under the word anti-social, I'm pretty sure his picture is there. He actually made the comment that since he's like in my virtual play-land, as he likes to call it, I have permission to use his name instead of Hubs.

*Blink, blink*

We'll just keep all real quiet like that this is the first time you're hearing his name.

And while I do love that guy named Fred, he can be a bit clueless on some things. I find this amazing because he picks up on stuff that fly right by me. Granted, I'm not the sharpest bowling ball out there but I can be rather quick on picking up stuff.

I tried to point out that most of my InterPeeps already know his name. He gave me a look but I really didn't have the energy or the ambition to try and figure it out, so I just tossed chocolate at his face. It actually worked. He's not feeling too hot. Michael caught something while at the group thing last Saturday. Sunday he looked liked death warmed over. Jared has been wiped out all day, and Fred came home looking like crap. Nicholas said his throat was a bit scratchy.

I told these sickos to get the hell away from me.

And this time I don't care if that cost me the Mother of the Year Award.

I am the hub of this wheel and I don't see any of these slacker picking up the pace around here so if I go down, we're all going down. And that doesn't work for me. I got too much crap to do the next couple of weeks.

This month is getting away from me. I don't like that. Have some stuff I need to get done but that lack of ambition combined with my super procrastination levels total cramps getting around to it. Then I find myself at this frantic pace of hurry up!!! Vicious cycle that doesn't seem to go away.

Oh well, there's always tomorrow.


Julie said...

Sharpest bowling ball??? Now that's one I haven't heard before. *rofl*

Hope everyone is feeling better soon! All my kids are feeling sick too, and Jared is currently in bed with a fever. Hope I don't catch it!!!


Joanna said...

Ah but that's the point - you don't want a sharp bowling ball now do you? ;)