Thursday, February 2, 2012


I think my brain is crying uncle. I'm not sure I know what day, month, or possibly even year it is. In my brain's defense it is still a new year and now a new month. But don't even ask me what day it is because I'll give you a freaked out look and then scream, "You don't know?!? Who's going to tell me???"

What? This surprises you how?

Wednesday night I loaded up the older 2 to take them to practice and was just around the corner from our house when 2 deer walked out of the neighborhood, even used the crosswalk, and slowly trotted across the street and almost right in front of me. I saw the first one but didn't the second. Thankfully Michael said, "there's another 1" and I saw it just as it jumped in front of us but the law abiding deer moved it and therefore didn't lose it.

My pulse wasn't so sure it wanted to recover.

When we came back home, I discovered Hubs and Jared almost buried in Legos. While my toes cursed their existence, I was glad to see Hubby still being able to indulge his inner child and hope to see many hours of bonding between these 2 as the older 2 told him to grow up.

Apparently there are some bitter feelings over Nerf. 1 person of the guy equation declared it beneath him to play anymore. The more laid back twin said while it's not top on his list, he could be persuaded. This has left Hubs and Jared all dejected as the epic Nerf wars of yore are no more.

I don't give a rat's patooty.

But I also found out Hubby wasn't working and since I was dragging my feet, and my behind, I declared Thursday was now slated to be a Groundhog Day movie marathon. Which sort of worked, sort of not. We only ended up watching the movie once. Hubby and I ended up running a couple errands like getting stamps. I hate getting stamps. I have to try and get out of our driveway which is no easy task at certain hours of the day, like daylight. Then I get to drive around the building a time or 20 just to find a parking spot, then get to stand in line all to get the ugliest stamps I've ever seen.

No shock why the post office is in deep doo-doo. Especially since we get the 1 mailman who STILL can't seem to figure out how this thing works. We've complained to the post office and all they do is to continue to ignore our complaints.

Moving far away is sounding better by the day.

After we watched the movie I had to get dinner going. I have no idea what I did with my time after dinner because the next thing I know American Idol was on. I couldn't even blame the time suck on Pinterest because I wasn't even on the computer. But I will say about AI is wow there are some people in serious denial.

Here's hoping tomorrow - whatever day it is - will go better. Hubby has work and I'm making the guys do school work. I have a feeling it's going to feel like a Monday and that is a crying shame thing to do to a Friday.

I hope it forgives me.


jubilee said...

I cannot even watch AI until all the initial auditions are over. Too many people being made fun of and I get embarrassed for them -- as if it were me standing up there making a fool of myself. ick.

Your twins are too "old" for Nerf wars? You mean, there is hope in this orange dart peppered wasteland of the Jubilant household? PTL!

Kerri said...

Oh. My. Gosh. No more Nerf wars? Color me shocked!

Oh, and yeah, on AI??? Randy and Steven were smokin' crack on some of those people....notice they were all CUTE GIRLS. Ew. Steven is like, what, 75? ew.

Joanna said...

There is hope - someday they will put the Nerf down.

And that crying is from Fred not me.

Thought the same thing Kerri. Triple ew. I thought JLo's head was gonna explode.