Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Or what you other people call the Super Bowl. Don't give a flying fart about sports. And now that I typed that out don't all farts fly? So I guess there is nothing special about a flying fart after all and now I need to come up with something else.


I don't give a flying fig about sports.

We'll just go with it.

And as I've stated before, neither does the Hubs. For whatever reason, probably boredom, a few years ago we started a snack-a-thon to watch the many commercials and go pee during the game. Because we're off the hook like that.

I also think we have reached a new low that we will use pretty much any excuse to go crazy on the snacks. And by crazy we had so much stuff the guys ate leftover snacks for dinner while I went out with Kerri. Fun was had by all and that's all that really matters.

There were a few good commercials but I thought it wasn't as good as last year's stuff. I'm not even going to say what a snooze fest the half-time show was. I'll even restrain from saying how bad the lip-sync was or that a 53 year old shouldn't skip in heels or like ever. And I won't say how I started laughing when she almost fell. But I will say we missed the rest of it because we all got up and got another round of snacks and drinks and was spared the rest of the show.

I bet you're so glad I showed such restraint.

It was a good game to watch. Although I'll be honest, I didn't have a clue what was going on. I didn't care who won so I spent this time trying to figure out what was going on. But when the guy stopped right before the touchdown and sat down....I gave up. Now I remember why I used to just root for the ball when I was growing up. Saved so much time and effort.

In other who cares news, I think all 12 year olds should be shipped away until they can reconnect with their brains. Oy vey. That is a stage that has tried to be the death of me.

Jared has just been super weird since the beginning of the year. Personally, I think the cloud of stupid has him in some form of super hold that I have yet to break off of him. I thought about using a chair but after trying that on the older 2 with no luck, I'll just save the chair. He got mad at me the day after New Years that I didn't cut his hair like RIGHT NOW!!! Because goodness knows I have nothing better to do than to wait on them hand and foot. So he cut his bangs and then tried to lie his way out of it.


Yes, let's try to tell the person who cuts your hair that she's just seeing things. And further tell this person you have no idea how those mysterious hair fibers landed in the trash and all over the floor.

I remember this stage. And I'm not a fan of it. We could just look back at the beginning of this blog's existence and see the many adventures, and bad grammar, of yore of twin 12 year olds who were also infected with stupid-itis. But that will cause me to shudder and possibly to start rocking back and forth as I chant "find a happy place".

Good granny! Buckle up your seat-belts cuz here we are again.

Then these last few weeks dude has been extra clingy and snippy at his brothers with anything that has to do with music. These guys eat, sleep, and breathe music so it has been a constant snip fest which tends to get the eye twitch a going. Why they would want to bring that crusty chick out to play with is beyond me because she doesn't play nice. But he's not happy that THEY get to do something and, yet again, he is left out in the cold of the twin duo thing.

I do feel bad, however, there isn't much I can do. We have done the homeschool co-ops which were just brutal. Almost drove me to drink quantities I am unable to afford. We have done church groups but for whatever reason can never find any with kids around their age. Not to mention there have been nothing but nothing on the church front. Call me crazy but I think integrity is a big must and we can't seem to find a church that actually believes that yes means yes, and no means no. Toss in moving out of state in a few months and we're left in a holding pattern of wait-a-minute.

I'm starting to wonder if life on earth is just really the waiting room for eternity. That's kind of depressing.

But I told Jared to hang in there because in a few more weeks I'm loading him up and taking him with me on this crazy mission from God to go bless my psycho mother. She'll behave if he's around and he'll get all the attention. 2 for the price of 1.

Too bad it's my pride that is the price. Dagnabbit.

I gave him what my plan will hopefully be and he about did cartwheels. He loves to go out to eat and just run errands which is weird because he is the first to whine his feet hurt. But we'll be gone allll day and it will just be him and his brothers will stay home. Because honestly, I'm going to have a hard enough time with my own attitude, I sure as heck don't need their crappy attitudes to boot. Jared can be gracious to my folks verses I finally got the other 2 to stop sneering in their direction.

Good times.

I will say one thing about guys - you can pretty much buy them off, bribe them, and/or get them to do anything so long as food is involved. I am convinced the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.


Carrie said...

Well, glad to know I'm not alone on this football stuff.

I too, simply watched to pee during the game.

And I should've waited for the commercials because none impressed me all that much.

Joanna said...

I was really bummed about the commercials. But at least I ate my weight in cheese so it wasn't a total loss.