Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Well That Was Fast

And now I feel rather silly. You may be asking what could make me feel silly other than me taking in air? Or maybe you were thinking I was only having a moment of silly, which I would then ask if you even know me. Then again, you may just be thinking get to the freaking point you long winded freak.

Yeah, I'm thinking it's the 3rd option.

And on a side note I feel all weird calling Fred - Fred instead of Hubs. I may go back just for the sake of sameness. I'll see how the fingers type it out and just go with it. Which means don't be surprised if I use both.

Moving on -

Lots of changes for the clan of bugville. Lots of prayers, a whole lot of hurry up and wait, and feeling at peace even though there are elements of stress. Wait, I just described life in a nutshell. Let me explain - there's not enough time.

A couple years ago Fred had a dream to move to a different state and we were all yes! let us go forth and blow this popsicle stand. Then when we started to figure it out and tried to plan, nothing panned out. A year-ish goes by and it seems like the whole thing was just a chili dream after all. But one thing was certain, we are to leave this state. I think if I ask God one more time, "are ya sure?" He's going to fry me on the spot. Since I don't tan well, I think I will bypass the frying.

Turns out pharm techs need state license especially if they want to work in a hospital which Fred is aiming for. And by aiming I mean he's flying down to Texas in a couple weeks to get trained and certified to mix IVs.

That noise? Um, that's just one, or both, of us slightly screaming at all the freaking out. Dude is totally prepared for this. He's studied, he's passed the tests, it's just getting down there and doing it all. And after looking at some of this stuff, I felt like the dumbest person to own a pencil. After listening to him rattle this stuff off, and he totally understands it, I smacked dude upside the head for not going after this stuff years ago.

My hand still hurts.

So to get back to the whole title. Turns out those state licenses vary by state. Lots of jobs in Texas but charge $75 plus another $40 for a background check. Arkansas was the original state we were aiming at but want $65 plus the background. Verses Indiana who only wanted $25 plus the background check. Not to mention what it would cost to rent a u-haul and expenses equaled up to no freaking way can we afford to move there. Indiana is the winner! And so long as we don't live in the same city as my folks, we are all on board.

This meant last Saturday Fred had to go get fingerprinted. I would like to point out I found it totally messed up I gave him pointers on how to get fingerprinted. I would also like to point out I spent a few days freaking out thinking my messed up family somehow tainted dude's squeaky clean record. He had to point out my record is squeaky clean too as I was never charged in my parents' fiasco of fighting the law and losing big time.

But still....paranoia runs deep with my family.

I was just lamenting about this over dinner. I pointed out all my failed attempts to join the witness protection program and I how my blog got flagged once or 20 times. Surely we were on someone's list of people to keep an eye on. Dramatic - I can be.

We were at the store when Fred got a notice he's approved and got his license. Well okay then. But then I sputtered it was supposed to take 4 weeks! About this time I started to think of about 500 things all at once. I was later told I let out a noise that sounded like a duck being strangled. I started to ask how would they know but thought better of it.

See? I can learn. Sort of.

I was going over things with the guys and I said this is going to be some serious crazy mcdazy few weeks. And then they all laughed at me. You would think after all the made-up words I've pulled they would be used to it. You would be wrong.

The snafu in this scenario is that the boys' stuff doesn't end until middle of April. So they are freaking out telling their dad not to get a new job until then. BUT we have to be out by middle of June.

No pressure. None whatsoever. I live on the edge. I eat this stress for breakfast. Holy $*^^$@$#@#$%&!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Buckle up riders, this is going to be a bumpy ride!


Carrie said...

Living on the edge is what keeps things hopping!

You can do's easier than it looks!


jubilee said...

Sending up prayers.

Take it from me, if I can do it, you can do it!

Go get 'em!

Kaye Butler said...

So...the people in my head can stop chanting Arkansas! Arkansas! Whooo piggggg!!! Arkansas! Arkansas!


Joanna said...

Kaye that got me laughing.