Monday, February 13, 2012

The Word For The Day Is....


I know this shocks no one but I tend to....lose....focus....sometimes. Or a lot. And I can say it's never a dull moment in my head because I can go off in different directions all at once. But when I come to the realization that I only have 1 body is when it tends to get complicated especially when my mind is screaming to do 5 things at once.

I've hard I'm quite hilarious when this inner struggle shows up because let us not forget that I tend to talk to myself, all the time, and sometimes out loud. If I'm in a weird enough mood I will have different voices to at least pretend I'm not totally insane.

Note to self - beware of all large sized white jackets with extra straps and buckles.

I don't think it's an attention issue. I'm actually purdy good at those attention details. I do have to stay on my case to finish the thing I started. I have wised up to this trick and now I'm having to battle to start things.

Hate when I outsmart myself.

So now I'm in a fierce rock, paper, scissors battle....with myself. Oh the happy I am feeling to know it has come to this.

That was sarcasm, people. Please keep up.

Where was I? Oh yes the word focus. And how I have none. Here's what I have going through my head:

Me: So self, I guess we need to focus.
Self: Where do you get this we? I'm focused, you're the one that can't concentrate.
Me: I beg to differ. We both know you tend to get easily side-tracked. Then you go off about how I don't stick to the to-do list.
Self: That is my attempt to motivate you to keep at it. Should I remind you about the avalanche of dirty clothes?
Me: Yes, how about we go there - the reason there was an avalanche was because you wouldn't get off the computer and...
Nicholas: Hey mom, what do you want me to put down for this think problem? Does it want me to answer both parts or to combine it into 1 answer?
Jared: Help! It wants me to do what?
Michael: Can I have lunch?

20 minutes later

Me: Um, what where we talking about?
Self: I have no idea. Wanna discuss the list?
Me: Not really.
Self: Same here. How about Pinterest?
Me: Oooo I love the way you think!

This is a great discovery that it's not entirely my fault for my lack of focus. So now I have all this focus but I have zero want to on what it is I'm focusing on. Whee. And why do I always see everything I need to clean?!?

Wait, what was that Self? It's a Monday? Well that figures. Makes total sense. I am now going back to bed and won't appear until it's a better day where the focus and the want to will be BFFs. Right now they aren't speaking to each other.


Carrie said...

Thank heavens I'm not the only one who holds conversations with myself!!

Thank you for making me feel a tad less crazy!

Joanna said...

Haha! I live to serve! :)