Friday, March 2, 2012

Did I Say Bumpy?

What I should have said was bend over, grasp ankles firmly, and smooch the tooshie good-bye! This week has been so crazy. Like beyond bizarre and crazy.

Last week got a call that Hubby's truck broke down. Had to go flying out to the middle of no where, get him, and then raced to get the boys to practice on time. It was an ouchie of a payment too. Speaking of ouchie - my arm and shoulder have been in so much pain, I haven't been able to blog anything. Hurt too much to sit at the computer. Thanks to a crazy week, I just went to see the chiropractor today - 2 ribs out of place.


I'm still in a bit of pain and have to go get readjusted next week.

Saturday we got to help out a friend. Always cool. Monday the van needed to get a back drum grounded down or something. Wasn't that expensive and now I can brake without it rattling my teeth out.

Tuesday, I loaded up Jared and went and saw my folks. Took my mom shopping, spent more money than what I was planning but it was actually fun. It really surprised my mom, my dad went on and on....and on, about how I have honored my mother etc.

Still have fingers crossed that they don't know about this blog.

Tell ya - it was a trip. After all the junk, it was really amazing to just be the hand of God. I can say that AFTER the huge wrestling match of surrendering my will, my hurt, my emotions. Seriously going to take me a whole different blog post to try and put it into words. Epic.

Got to see a cousin while down there. She just had a baby girl a couple weeks ago. And now we all take a collective sigh of baby wonderfulness - s-i-g-h! Jared was just smitten with her. He went on and on about how cute she was. Sort of surprised because he's the baby of our clan and I have wondered how well he would have handled it if he weren't the baby. But dude is still gushing over the cuteness of that baby girl. Go figure.

Lots more going on but my arm is starting to throb so I'll have to blog more later.


Lorraine said...

Totally cool to hear the trip and shopping went well. Can't wait to hear more!! And I surely hope you are feeling better soon. Chiropractors can do wonderful things.