Friday, March 16, 2012

The Humble And The Pie

I'm not even sure who had their fare share of that serving either.

It's been interesting.

4 rounds of the chiropractor and 1 rib is being rather stubborn. Can't say I don't have a stubborn bone in my body. Har-de-har-har!

Then again, this isn't surprising anyone. Except me because this is pain on a whole different level where I find myself just whimpering from it. No pain meds takes away the pain. I think I have frostbite on my back from all the ice packs. While it is getting better, it's hard to just have constant pain. I'm not sleeping too well because it's hard to find a position that doesn't hurt. And it sucks because I've had to just sit and not do anything because I can't.

Did I mention this has been a rather crazy busy week? Oh that's right, I haven't been able to blog because sitting at the computer hurts as well.

Long pause as stream of profanity drips off my lips.

What can I say other than not a happy camper right now. We have had some crazy crap going on. Shoulder - owie. And it's my right shoulder and what luck! I'm right handed! So going to do anything hurts really bad. Plus I've had the email to this blog hacked, I've had some weirdos try to friend me on facebook, and auntie flo just came screeching in for a visit.

Some of the humble pie is I can't do squat so the guys are having to step up in a lot of ways. While this is good for them, I find I would rather do it myself. For instance, ironing. Nicholas and Michael love button down shirts. They tend to get a bit irritated with me that I don't get the ironing done right away. House slave doesn't move fast enough for their liking.

Let the pie eating contest begin.

They both had a pile of shirts. I did one shirt as the demo, telling them how and the why and then sat down to talk them threw the rest of the shirts. Oh my freaking gosh! Nicholas didn't want to listen to anything I had to say which was no shock. But then when he had to do it, he found out it was harder than what he thought. Dude's tune changed right quick and said I made it look way too easy. He even said he has a whole new appreciation for me.

He almost had to help me off the floor after that comment.

Michael on the other hand, wouldn't do anything until he had all the steps down and then very methodically attended to each shirt. I was even able to tell him how to do some extra tips that work for me and he did it like a pro. But he took a lot longer to get it done. Nicholas has the speed but Michael has the accuracy.

And then there was Jared, who had nothing to iron. He popped his head in and said, "and that's why you have a woman around to do that for you."

I was going to slipper slap him, but my shoulder hurt too bad and he was able to dodge it when I threw it at him. Little twerp! But later that day he was goofing off around his bed and ended up slamming into it with his face and has a nasty bruise on his cheek. The guys were quick to say paybacks for that comment.

The very next day, his computer dies. The one that has all his school stuff on it. He is overjoyed with happiness while I'm having to scramble to get him to do something. He gets bored way too easy and then he pesters everyone else as a form of entertainment. I thought about duct taping his butt to his bed but I'm pretty sure he would just chew through the restraints.

But just think of the quiet time I could have!

Last week Hubby flew to Houston and passed all his tests. And by passed he got 90s or higher all across the board. So Mr. IV technician had me watch a YouTube clip of how to do step 1 and now I am skert that I are too dumb to own a pencil.

Seriously? Well isn't that special? As if I don't have that feeling on a regular basis as it is but now we have to start listing all the categories as well? This is going to be one long freaking list!

So we got through all that only to have him come home and land back in unemployment. Yippy-skippy. But we have started packing and dude is a genius and just takes smooshing things into boxes to a whole new level of how do you come up with that? Makes my head spin because me? Can't find her way out of a wet paper bag let alone try to pack it.

Oddly enough, we're actually getting excited by packing. Seeings how we have no idea where we are moving too, I'm starting to get concerned that this is a sign of denial. But at least we are feeling the happy. Pretty weird feeling if you ask me.


Kerri said...

Hey girlie...
Just wrote you on facebook. I am praying that stubborn ol' rib goes back where it belongs, dang it. I LOVE your story-telling...the ironing. Oh. My. Gosh. I could just SEE M and N doing exactly what you said. And I have to say that my jaw hit the FLOOR when Jared said what he did. Oh no he did-n't.
Love you.

Joanna said...

I know, right?

Sent back a response. Crazy times.