Sunday, March 11, 2012

On A Totally Different Note....

I am not a fan of the 12 year old stage. I was going through my old blog posts - so old I had to blow the dust off of it. Way back to when the twins were at this age.

Ah yes, that explains all the cussing. Possibly where the eye twitch started as well.

Angst? Times 2? Why yes, yes it was. And the cloud of stupid showed up because I am a firm believer that all males are stupid. Before the guys toss things at me, all females are crazy. Crazy as a loon. Probably driven to that state by some form of stupidness.

So mah baby is now in the throws of angst and stupid, of emotions crazier than my own, and all kinds of resistance to school, soap, and brushes of any kind. Probably in that order too. After reading the angst posts of yore, I am not totally encouraged. In a way, yes, because I NOW know what I'm dealing with. But I also know this is going to take time. Time for him to get over himself but hopefully his brothers have matured that they can back off.

If that fails, I've reminded them how they were at this age and my how fast that shuts them up. If they don't shut up, I read a post and they just look at me sputtering with more angst at how dare I write that about them??? When I told them I could have just gone to therapy and cut our grocery bill in half, the tune was changed and muttering came to a slight pause.

I may be crazy, but I'm not stupid.

But for the record - not a fan of this stage! Past few days haven't been too pleasant with him. And true to form of any baby of any family, he knows how to press buttons and isn't afraid to use it.

If you need me, I will be rocking myself in the corner trying to convince myself that this too shall pass.......................eventually.


Carrie said...

HA! You're too much!

I'll read about your cussing and eye-twitching anyday!


jubilee said...

Reading your post has made me realize: my ten year old must think he's 12.

I'm just sayin' -- I think I feel your pain. :)