Monday, April 16, 2012

Just Wow!

I am still blown away over the weekend. Epic awesomeness!

I also think this is a whole new domain for me of watching all my kids' hard work pull together and I'm the one sitting there holding my breath. I seriously don't know who was more anxious - them or me.

I got up and made them a big breakfast, packed their lunches, and their dad drove them to the church. And then I spent the rest of the day just praying for them and everyone involved.

We were waiting for my folks so we didn't get there right at the beginning. We arrived shortly before session 2 and the guys weren't going to take the stage until session 3. But when they did....WOW! Just wow!! God so showed up!

It was such a huge blessing for me - the loan mom who sat through all the practices - to see the whole band come together and just rocked it! They were all so nervous setting up and I'm sitting there just praying for them all. And when it was time to go - everything just faded away and they all hit it.

Then the crowd went nuts! We were sitting in the area with most of the kids but everyone was hopping and hooting. Was close to a mosh pit as a Christian church would allow. It was funny because Michael started off the first song and when everyone let out a whoop, his face was all okay then and amped it up. Awesome! Nicholas did some mad piano skills and rocked out his song. He went way out of his shell and took charge of it and it was wonderful to experience and watch.

God is so good!!

It was so cute because after they were done, people were coming up to them and just telling them what a good job they did and how they really felt the presence of God. I had a lot of parents come up to me to say what a great job they did and couldn't wait for the boys to be in the advance band.

Yeah, about that.

Sort of a kill-joy to say that we are moving soon and won't be able to.

God had to remind me that He was the one that set it up for them to experience this and could easily do it again at the next place. How He puts up with me is such a mystery!

Especially because in the middle of all this, He had told me to get my Dad a GPS. Can I put a pause in this to just say I didn't want to do it times 10? I had a harder time doing this than taking my mom shopping. It was brutal. On top of it - money has been tight. We are looking at a major relocation and that costs money. Every since Hubs came back from Houston, he's been on unemployment. Feels like we are doing everything we can and just getting pummeled.

And I don't know why but every.single.time I've had to do one of these weird God missions everything goes wrong during the day and Hubby and I end up in huge epic fights. We clear the air by the next day but the entire day is just brutal to go through. I've been begging God no more people cuz I don't think I can handle any more of this. I'm at 4 people who I have NOT wanted to do this with every fiber of my being.

Can't say I have reaped great peace and joy. I feel bloody, beat up, and bruised. BUT - I know I am doing the right thing and my Heavenly Father is really pleased. So it's costing me money, and some of my pride - I have a feeling I need a check up from the neck up regarding both.

Some day obedience just sucks!

My Dad was over the moon happy. No joke. He was like a little kid at Christmas. He even called me from the road just to tell me how cool it is. This morning I got an email telling me how blessed I am for being obedient and I'm going to reap great rewards in heaven.

I think I am still slightly pouting.

But I can say the weekend with all it's trials, it's ups and downs, was incredible to experience. So proud of my boys, so happy for them. And I gave them a few days off so we can recover!


Julie said...

I'm glad the boys did so well! Did you get a video of the proformance? I sure hope so!!!

Joanna said...

Got a video of the whole thing but I'm having trouble getting it to load to share on facebook.