Thursday, April 12, 2012

Oh My Stars!

How has this week flown by and dragged painfully slow all at the same time??

Hubby is waiting for a call back. Everything is sounding real good just have to wait for higher ups to approve. Please tell me you remember how much I loathe waiting? And I only say that because we've been stuck in waiting limbo land for like 3 years. Oh happy day! Only not.

The guys got through the last of their practice. Final night will be Saturday. I'm not sure who is more nervous, them or me. We keep telling them to relax, they will be fine. Then we start to freak out about the next few weeks only to have one of them to remind us to relax, we'll be fine.

Oh irony, I hate you.

But I am so, so proud of them. They did really great. They both had a final project that they had to sing in front of their band-mates. Both did good and proud momma had a stupid happy grin on her face the whole time. Except when she found out that it was too dark to record it or take pictures of it. The guys were extremely happy about this turn of events. Hoping we have better success Saturday.

Nicholas totally cracked me up though. You know how you hold up your hand and pretend to write on it with an imaginary pen to make a note? He saw me do that and said that is so old school and proceeded to text on his palm. Had me in stitches.

My folks will be here for the weekend. Send chocolate and sympathy. My MIL is still mad at me and for some reason isn't speaking to me. Not my fault they can't behave themselves around each other. I am constantly amazed how people A LOT OLDER than me can still behave and reason like a bunch of toddlers.

Yessirybob, just gonna be a wonderful few weeks of wondering why I didn't toss myself off a cliff years ago type scenarios around here.

Hold me.


Julie said...

Ahhh! I hope you can get pictures of the boys thing this time! I would have been soooo sad!

The palm testing? Hilarious! *lol*