Friday, April 20, 2012

One Of Those Days....

Where it seems like everything is just going way wrong. Case in point - I had this post all ready to go and then proceeded to forget to hit the publish button. Why? Because my brain decided to give up.

I'm sure the new settings on blogger is not helping with the brain matter having a hissy fit. But I think the real culprit was the digital camera. It did not want to play nicely with the computer. Words were had. Harsh words that really shouldn't be repeated. So I called in reinforcement - Hubby with a hammer talking trash to both the camera and the computer. It was worth a shot because dude was able to get the two to play nice.

It took over half an hour for it to load onto Facebook. Thankfully, Peter the great, as the guys call him, had it linked onto YouTube and was a much nicer quality. Besides we were sort of stuck in the mosh pit, off to the the side. Not really but there was a lot of hopping around and try recording around people doing that. Fred is still demanding some sort of award for his efforts. 

Is it wrong I told him not to hold his breath?

So in the middle of all this technology woes, we have something happen that is still just making me shake my head of you have got to be kidding me, tossed in with a good deal of "curse you aquascum".

Next door neighbor was in the process of taking a big walnut tree down in the back. While the squirrels have been in mourning over their food source, we were happy with this decision. At least until one of the guys backed into our van with his truck. Which this was odd because our van was in our driveway, far away from the tree so no one should have been in our driveway. One of the boys saw it and Hubby had to go outside and deal with it. The guy wasn't convinced he hit it and tried to play off the dent that is now in the back hatch.

But what luck! He didn't have any proof of insurance with him either!

I was sent inside to take a timeout. Apparently I don't play well with others or turn into some she-beast in the presence of stupid. I was only half paying attention as I was too busy trying not to take state champion from the stream of cussing that was flying through my head. I'm still congratulating myself for not saying any of it out loud. 

Progress has been made.

Although, I'm still arguing that smack about being a she-beast because surely Hubs should have died like a thousand times by now. He claims he is immune to my beastly ways. He will rue the day that he said that because I think I may have taken that as a challenge.

What a day to be strung out on Midol and have a slight chocolate hang-over! I may, or may not, have done a slight impersonation of Cruella DeVil. Possibly.

The guy eventually gave us proof of insurance and you know it's a bad sign when you call and they know what customer you are talking about and then start apologizing on his behalf. Going to cost $500 to get it fixed. I posted this on Facebook and everyone seems to think I meant the guy hit our van with a tree because everyone thinks we should get a new van. Highly doubt car insurance will cover a new van. But we can dream.

The only good thing going on lately is since Fred has no work and still waiting on a call back for a new job, he has a lot of nervous energy. So I've made him fold ALL the clothes, clean the kitchen, and just about anything else I can come up with so we don't smack him upside the head from all his pacing. It's bad enough I have to do this with the 12 yr old, but to now have to come up with stuff to keep the man busy is just taking a whole new low.

Think I will keep this lonely bag of chocolate company.


jubilee said...

lol I wish I had a lonely bag of chocolate to keep company! I may have stashed a Baby Ruth somewhere though . . .

Oh, vehicle woes! Erg. And double erg. (Translation: Curse You Aquascum!) See, we do speak the same language!