Monday, May 7, 2012

Epic Awesomeness

It has been a crazy few days. Friday we got school wrapped up and I forced the guys to do the happy dance. We do the dance of happy at the end of each school year. Now that I think about it, I'm the only one that really gets into it. 


But now we can pack up all the schoolbooks so that's another step of progress. Got to take the guys to see Avengers. It was really good! But word to the wise, you have to have seen Iron Man 1-2, Captain America, and Thor. Especially Thor or a lot of it wouldn't make sense. But totally enjoyed it so more dances of happy.

Came home, had dinner, and right as we were finishing up in-laws pulled in. We didn't get to do any girl shopping this time around but that was fine. FIL took the wood burning stove and a few other tools we're not going to use. But my beloved Burnie is now gone. I was able to keep it together. I didn't even cry out that I would always remember him fondly. I did get slightly mocked over it too. I heard the guys talking and FIL is planning on selling it but dude has some serious hoarding issues so knowing him, he'll hang on to it until we can use it again. Wherever and whenever that will be.

Jared is now 13! We got him good. He was saying how he really wants presents as in plural. He wanted a Lego Star Wars ship. My feet did shutter from memories of old but it was able to keep it together and not cuss him out. There was some Star Wars Lego mini-movie that came out and it had a mini Lego Hans Solo. I got it, wrapped it, open the box that had the Lego ship in it, and was able to slip it in there. The look of 'hey, wait a second' on his face was rather priceless.

In-laws took us to Cracker Barrel and then they headed off. We came home and washed up all the sheets as my folks were coming up that night and were spending the night.

I'll pause as you process all that.

But it went fine. And we did have a good visit on all accounts. So no complaints from me.

The only ruh-roh of the whole weekend was I had Jared's cake all mixed and ready to go into the oven when I discovered the oven was dead - again. I was just fussing about the old oven was STILL on the porch and could we look any more redneck. Yeah, funny how that works. Hubs to the rescue! Swapped out the heating elements, cleaned up old oven and we were back in business.  Not happy but can't buy a new oven right now so I'll just roll with the punches.

My folks loaded the last of the stuff they wanted, took us out to lunch, and then headed home. Place looks weird with stuff missing but I'm too tired to get all weepy about it. I do have reasons for being tired. And I mean r-e-a-l-l-y tired. My MIL had me up til 5 am talking and then last night my mom had me up til 4 am talking. I know you are completely shocked that I could hold my own in all that talking.Or not.

Right now I'm trying to resist the pillow. If I take a nap now not sure when I'll go to bed. But it doesn't matter as my schedule is now open. Makes me smile just thinking about it. Bring on the summer break! Right after I take a nap.


Julie said...

It would be so hard to have to give things up and be forced to move. I don't know how you're able to keep things so positive! You're a very strong person!

Yay for summer vacation! We're enjoying that now too! :)

Joanna said...

It IS hard but we don't have a choice. I know we're not the only people out there that got screwed over by the banks. And unemployment doesn't pay for squat.

I'm normally told I'm a negative person. When you know you can't hang on, no point in trying. You just pick up the pieces and move on.

So enjoying summer vacation. Except we have all kinds of road construction right in front of our house. Grr!

Kerri said...

Not Burnie! I'm so proud of you for holding it together. I can't IMAGINE my mom being up til 4AM! Holy crap! And two nights in a row? Dang girl.

Sure had a great time the other night. Keep me posted so we can smoosh in as much time as possible!
Love you...