Thursday, May 31, 2012

Oh Look, It's Still Hell

Made another trip down yesterday. There was only 1 place that was move in ready as in the construction guys were finishing the last touches. But the neighborhood is scary. Went to look at 3 other places and oh dear Lord! 1 house was broken into, every single place the air conditioner units were stolen, one place smelled like cat pee and the carpets were beyond nasty. And the other place had grass up past my knees and a pack of dogs were living in the bushes. Plus all the ex-hoarder's stuff was still in the house.

We went with the house in the scary neighborhood.

At least I think we did because we are still waiting on lease papers to sign.

We're to pick up a moving truck tomorrow.

I can't stop bawling my head off for multiple reasons. If I get one more Pollyanna email, I may just start punching people in the throat.

Not sure what is going on. Not sure what to think....that I can repeat. I don't understand why life is so flipping hard why others seem to just skate on through.

Don't know if I'll be able to put up another blog post or not. Not sure how long it's going to take us to get Internet at the new place. I don't know, I don't know, oh, and I don't know.

Yes, super stressed out, fighting off panic attacks, and way too much to do.


Kerri said...

I love you. Let's pull a Thelma and Louise. I'm so ready.

Julie said...

I am so sorry! This sucks. :(

I hope this is just a temporary place for you and your family. Will be praying!

jubilee said...

Love you, lady!

Joanna said...

Oh if only I had internet service! The blog post I could write.