Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Technology Imparied

I seriously wonder how I have managed to have a blog and not blown the whole Internet up. What I find even more hilarious is that I've done media stuff for churches for years and by some miracle didn't cause the whole system to crash.

I find this amusing because I remember taking a college computer class and it took me all of 10 seconds to figure out I had no clue what was being said and what I was being asked to do. You could imagine how proud my dad was who owned his own computer business.

But I've seen to be able to stumble through it just find and dandy. I've been told that I seem to take to it real natural like as well. Once I know the basics, I can fake it so long as it stays that way forever and always. Funny thing about technology - it NEVER stays the same! Like just this last week Blogger decided to change their entire layout. 

Did I panic? Why yes, yes I did.

Did I curse their existence? I can neither confirm, nor deny that statement.

But I did find out something. I had a lot more comments that what I thought but because people published it under Anonymous, it was flagged as spam aaaaand I never saw it. Nor do I have any clue how to fix it. I will say I was happy that it blocked the 467 posts of someone advertising all sorts of enhancements etc. I do hope there is a special place in hell for people like that who have nothing better to do with their time than to randomly publish filth on other people's blogs.

However, to the other genuine people who left comments - I am so sorry. I am not a jerk. At least not most of the time. But the comments never came up until now. And now I feel all weird "allowing" a comment from over a year ago on a post that has dust on it.

All I can do is laugh at myself and, yet again, question why on earth I have a blog. Some of the techie stuff does cause my head to spin, I don't seem to bring in traffic very well, and I sort of have this weird need to try and connect with people. Which I find amusing because I'm STILL wrestling with the whole people suck thing. I'm not sure if that is sign of something serious or a bored cry for....acknowledgement?

I think the nasal decongestants are kicking in. This is good because I would like to breathe. The downside is I better end this before I go off on some weird tangent that makes no sense. Wait....I do that already. Okay, it would be worse. Like waaaay worse. Where I'll go off all crazy like of the unfairness of life and come up gasping for breath and then be in the mood for pancakes. 

See? Worse.


Kaye Butler said...

Ha! I get the messages that I need male inhancements all the time.

Obviously, these people DO NOT KNOW ME.



Kerri said...

Hey chicita banana! IIIII KNOW about blogger! What the...???

I'll have to check my "spam" too now. I didn't even know to look there. Ug. I hate change!!!!

Joanna said...

As if we need to encourage the men in our lives. Seriously?

Boo on change. I still freak out every time I go to the dashboard.

jubilee said...

I just posted on my blog for the first time in over a month and found the new Blogger. Um -- yuck. (Are they trying to complete with FB for the "the most unnecessary and annoying changes ever" award?) Enhancement? Maybe we should send those spammy adverts to Blogger and see what they can do with it!