Saturday, May 19, 2012

What A Ride

Because this is nuts!

Where to begin? No, not enough time. Just a few nutty rundowns.

Took van to get the back dent fixed. The 2-3 day fix took 5. 
Had to go open new bank account as our bank is only in Michigan. Bank teller did not believe my age. Had my ID in her hand and still didn't believe me. Declared her to be the best person on the earth.

Came out of bank and truck wouldn't start. Male person had a minor meltdown. While he was cursing the truck's existence, I pulled out my phone and sent and SOS text to Kerri, who's husband was just getting off work. He gave it a jump and the thing started. (All this drama took less than 15 minutes)

One rental we had our eye on was leased just days before we were able to make the call. Someone is still pouting and believe it or not, it's not me. Had a lot going for it, but no dishwasher. There are days I have to run mine twice. Major strike against it in my book. Another one turned out to be a scam. The search continues for where our party of 5 will end up.

Got to go out with Kerri Friday. She made me some pretties!!! Kerri's Kreations is da bomb! And lucky me, I think I got her first bookmark. So pretty! Leaving her and all our girl time together is just gonna suck. I love making her laugh. I STILL don't know how she put up with me, but so very, very grateful that she did. Go check out her jewelry! I always get compliments anytime I wear her stuff.

We endured Pizza Hut but just barely. All the loud, screaming children were present so we bailed out of there. Had some ice cream and hung out. Came home just in time to see the guys take the cap off of Fred's truck. We're trying to sell his truck to pay off the van. Not too thrilled with going back down to one vehicle but one must do what one must to survive.

So after hyperventilating watching the guys try this, I hopped out of Kerri's van and ran to help. I'm not going to name names, but one of the boys was complaining rather loudly about how heavy it was and our neighbor came running to help as well. In his defense, he was the one holding the back end while Fred was telling Jared what to do.

Epic fail.

Okie-dokie, cap removed! Except now the person formerly known as Fred decided to have us carrying this heavy, behemoth of a cap waaaay into the backyard, smashed up against the fence.  We're still debating if we're going to let him live or not.

After that, we went and picked up our van. Came home and got an email from my mom that she had to take my dad to the hospital. Guess he has fluid build up around his heart and his lungs were filling up. That would explain the lack of breathing. 

I'm really glad she took him. I'm betting money she had to hog-tie him to get him to go. He wasn't looking too hot when they were up for Jared's b-day and I've gotten a few emails with her asking me to pray for him over the last week. I knew my dad kept saying he was healed and that was that so no meds for him. 

Side note: Do you think God had us invent medicine because he was tired of everyone praying about every ache and pain? Don't know but I am putting that on my list of questions to ask when I get to Heaven.

Anyhoo, it's not a drop what you're doing and come but they are keeping him until Tuesday to run tests. Personally, I hope she gives him a big "I freaking told you so!"  I was just telling him I thought he was over-doing it bit but what the heck would I know? She said she would call everyone in the morning. I posted on Facebook asking for prayers and everyone called her so she didn't have to. She said gosh news travels fast on that thing.  

That made me laugh.

Then she tells me to let them know when to come up and help us load the moving truck. Um, I'm thinking NO! Crazy people. I offered to come down to stay with her but she said no, I have too much on my plate.

Gasp!!! Look who's being all reasonable and everything.

So the crazy train is still chugging right along. Hope things settle down here. We got a lot of packing done today and took apart some stuff. Progress has been made!


Julie said...

My goodness, but you DO have a lot going on! When it's all said and done, you're going to need a vacation to catch up on some rest!!!!!!!