Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I Think I Can, I Think I Can

More like I really hope I can survive another round of the puberty blues. Oh dear Lord, I will be so happy when this is done!!! I want a medal, a parade, and a vacation.

I do realize that this is the end and Mr. McSqueakerton will squeak no more - maybe more of a squawk then squeak. I will miss that squeak. Truly I will. Jared can make squeak noises like none other. His sound effects are the best hands down!! So I do find it sad that he's starting to change.

Part of me doesn't want my baby to go through it, but the other part of me wants him to knock it off with all the mood issues and start to act his age. It is a hard age on kids. Some kids like my older boys are ready to take it on and others, like my youngest, don't want to change. I think he's just not sure what to do with himself and then he ends up acting very huggy to the point where he's clinging on me. Did I mention it's been a really hot summer? Can you imagine someone almost as tall as you hanging on you? I was ready to give him a black eye.

Since he's been rebuffed for all his hugs, his latest is sneak attack hugs. Which translates to being tackled only not seeing it coming. Fred is the only one he hasn't taken down. And that's saying something.

I still think the only reason he got Nicholas was he was in mid-sneeze, and it wasn't a true tackle, more like a crash into the wall. Thought he was going to kill Jared. Michael and I have both fallen victim to the sneak attack hug. Although Micheal was smart enough to twist and land on Jared. I've noticed he hasn't tried it again. I chewed him a new one that he cried to the point where he had hiccups and said he w-w-was just trying to give me a hug.

And that's the joy of it all. They don't think and then when they get in trouble, THEIR feelings are hurt and act like I'm the big meany. Love my boys, but holy crap I hate this stage. And it's going to be this way for the next year or so.

Kill me now, I beg of you.

Last couple days dude has just been in meltdown mode. One minutes he's being all spastic and I have to tell him to calm down, which he doesn't, and then I have to yell at him for not listening only to have him burst into tears. By the 5th time this happened - before lunch - I was done.

Nicholas and Jared haven't mixed well ever since Nicholas went through puberty. Dude has classic older sibling 'I know everything and you are an idiot' that plays out Things were better but the last 2 days both of them are pushing each other's buttons. I was so hoping we left all that behind and have moved forward. Clearly I was wrong.

Not happy, Bob.

I'm thinking school needs to kick back in pronto to chill these people out. I got all the school stuff out, just waiting on Fred to come up with the lesson plans and organize it. I find myself in a weird paradox - I like having my guys around. I like the good times we have as a family, the lessons and the laughter. But I so want to be done with the school department.

Almost there. I can do this. Besides we moved to one of the worst public school areas so onward ho!

When N and M were this stage, they were super private about their bodies going through changes. Jared, on the other hand, came running down the steps all happy to announce hair growth in private places and almost dropped his shorts to show off his new fuzz. He was also happy to report that his dude sack is bigger than 2 grapes and that his green bean is starting to look more like a cucumber.

After trying to beat myself to death with a wooden mallet and failing miserably, I decided to look up nearest cliffs to toss myself off of, only to remember Indiana is a really flat state. Before I could stop myself, I blurted out the question of how would he know since he refuses to go anywhere near any of those green things known as fruits and vegetables. He said it was the best visual he could give me without, you know, showing me.

I blacked out after that. Came to just in time to be asked what was for dinner. No way could I serve green beans now.

Dear life - whatever it was that I did to piss you off, I am truly sorry.

There isn't enough chocolate in the world to fix this. I know because I have tried.