Thursday, August 16, 2012

I'm Baaaack!!!

After blowing the dust off the blog, I am now trying to pace myself and not just overwhelm you with everything that has happened in the last couple months.

Notice I said try.

This is going to be a challenge because right now I have this horrible feeling I am going to ramble!! But like more than normal type ramble.

Where have I been? Stuck in hell. No internet, no air conditioning, no connection to anyone or anything "normal"'s been disorienting to say the least. We have hit more snags, snafus, and you have got to be kidding me moments than I care to count. It's been hard, good, bad, ugly, and flat out weird.

On top of all being discombobulated, we ran out of money. When Hubby got the job, he was told that probation pay was based on how long it took him to complete their training program. He was told a maximum of 4 months to get it done. Dude smoked it in 1 month flat and we figured it was going to be a tight month. Then found out there was no getting around 4 months. That put the brakes on everything. Both our parents are having to help us just to get groceries.

Humble pie? Yup, as in plural. *burp*

We get nasty letters from old utility companies that want their money, while the new utility companies required deposits thus eating away money to pay things off. On top of that, Fred's truck still hasn't sold. Read all that as nothing has gone according to plan. Matter of fact, take those plans, light them on fire, dance on their ashes and laugh manically and you'll have a pretty accurate picture of my summer.

It is amazing how glamorous moving to a whole other state....isn't. I am forcing myself to watch local news which messes with my head. Channel 8 here isn't NBC. They rattle off counties and I have no clue what they are talking about. But I can say we hit major record highs of boiling, lava, and welcome to hell temperatures. There were days the guys and I just sat and sweated. Took us over a month to get our satellite TV hooked back up.

The internet delay was mainly because we had to buy yet another modem and pay hook up fees etc. Made life a lot harder to get stuff done. Especially since we are down to 1 vehicle. Or trying as the truck still hasn't sold. It is too big to drive in this crazy traffic. We haven't switched our plates yet. I feel so illegal. I wonder if this is what my Mom feels like? What? I couldn't resist!

Speaking of - she had a stroke right after the 4th of July. I was sort of hoping this was going to help her forget to be crazy, that hasn't happened. She can't remember what she had for lunch, talks real slow and deliberate but ask her what she's filed lately against the man and she is off and running spouting case law.

Oh happy day. Said no one.

But the guys all have their own rooms and the level of angst is at an all time low. Wished we could have done this years ago. The weird thing is we are in another old house and what luck, only 2 air units will work at a time or we blow fuses. So we get a good nights sleep every other night. Cooler weather can't get here soon enough!

I feel like I'm about ready to go off in several topics so I'll end this here and try to break it all down by topic. Or not really and continue to ramble like the cooped up person that I am.


Lorraine said...

Oh, Joanna! What to say??!! I am so glad you are back to blogging...and so sorry to hear of your trials. Yikes! Your experiences are right up there in the category of putting hair on your chest!

Joanna said...

Hairy chest is the LAST thing I need to deal with. :)

My life is truly stranger than fiction.

Kerri said...

I'm so so so so so glad you are back!!!!! We will have to schedule chats on fb so we can catch up. I haven't dared call you for the snot-fest that would ensue. I'm glad to see that all the devastation hasn't caused you to lose your snark. Beloved snark, how I missed thee. Muah! LOVE YOU!

Joanna said...

The snark will never leave. It's just me.
Lurv ya woman!

rthling said...

I'm glad to see you back. Could you share your posts of facebook, so I can see them? Or have you been doing that, and I'm too stupid to see them??

Don't answer that.

I just rarely come on here anymore.

Joanna said...

I have no idea how to link my blog to facebook. I'll try to figure it out.