Friday, August 24, 2012


What a day! Why do I procrastinate so much? Why?!? It has bit me in the butt more times than I have butt for the um, bite. Just go with it. I'm tired, I'm weepy, and I'm tired. Dang! I already said that. Doh!

Stupid procrastination! Why do I fall for your stupid lies every.single.time? Oh yes, because I just don't give a gosh darn it to get it done now. Besides, I thought I saw something shiny and hey, I haven't been on Pinterest in forever. Eh, I can do that later.

And Later? Where the heck have YOU been hiding? You NEVER come around. Well, actually, you do but it's more like a sneak attack of buh-bam! did you get that thing done you were supposed to? Because it's like needed. Right now.

Then you give me the eye roll and a sigh because I'm not ready for you and here you are wanting whatever it was you showed up for. And why the heck are you pestering me anyways? What did I ever do to you to deserve this harassment?

What's that? I signed up for it? No, I didn't!

Did not!!!

Not, not, not, not!!!


I chose to home school. Well, really this is just an obedience thing. Any day now God is going to let me off the hook and pronounce me a good obedient person. Any time now. It's not a life sentence. It just feels that way.

All I can say is thank you, Lord, for Fred! Because today could have gone a lot worse as in not gonna happen. We got all the school stuff organized and ready to go for Monday. Believe me, this was no easy task. Because some subjects have less lessons than others so they don't have to do those everyday, and some they do. So figuring out what subjects to do which day but not to overlap the other subject can be...well for me...overwhelming.

And me, being so totally me, didn't get stuff graded and recorded before we moved. Some of that was we were in this whirlwind of packing, so school stuff just got packed and just now got unpacked. Blah! Stupid life. One of these days it's actually going to work and go in a smooth direction. Hopefully not backwards but smooth nonetheless.

We managed to get a few other things accomplished today as well. And bonus! The landlord finally got around to having someone swing by and take the construction trash away. Because I can't begin to tell you how awesome that was to have by the back 100+ degree heat. But the happy is we now have a key to the back door! Having to park in the back but walk to the front to get in was just loads of fun! Said no one.

I wouldn't know because I don't get to go anywhere. So Fred is thrilled to be able to use the back door now.

Oh and my parents are coming Saturday. Because we suck and need help with money. And now I will cry the cry of loser. Let's just hope they aren't bringing stuff from my grandparents. *shudders*

Last time, my grandparents cleaned out their food closet to "help" us out. Too bad all the pasta had bugs in it - that no one knew about until I cooked it and noticed all the floaties. I went through 2 boxes of pasta and all were bug filled that you couldn't tell until poured into boiling water and floated to the top to say, howdy!

I was scared to try the rest.

Then I noticed everything was past expiration. Tossed it all and got real creative that night. And by creative I mean I took a note from Snoopy and we did toast, popcorn, and freezie pops.

As if our situation wasn't crappy enough, let's toss in giving rotten food to boot. My grandparents' reaction was beggars can't be choosers.  Well snap! What do you say to that? That can be repeated?

Needless to say, it is with great apprehension I wait to see what is going to be thrust upon me.


rthling said...

Dang, girl! Rotten food?


Joanna said...

Yeah, what can ya say? Other than gag! :}