Friday, August 17, 2012

The Move

I don't know why but it seems like when we have to move it usually involves some form of drama. I mean besides me being I hate change and I really hate moving especially because it involves change. Lots and lots of change! So the thought of change and moving now causes me to flop on the floor and proceed to dry-heave. 

TNT has nothing on my drama, because drama has managed to weasel it's way into every moving box I've ever touched. 

How else can you explain that the day we went to pick up the moving truck the road in front of our house was getting chewed up because of all the construction that was going on? I woke up to hearing the noise and knew - just knew it was just the beginning.

Getting the truck proved to be a crazy adventure of thinking we had one only to have someone else reserve it before we got there. Finally getting a truck, and then only have one small lane to back the behemoth into our driveway rather than the 3 lanes we thought we were going to use - epic. Fred is a rock star in case you were wondering, because if I had been driving I would have taken out the telephone pole and part of the house. These are important clues you should know before attempting things.

Since this was not my first turd-wrangle, (now there's a mental, huh?) I had suggested we not load, drive 5 hours and then unload because I knew it wouldn't be possible. Rather I gave us a day to load the truck, get up early the next day, drive and drive some more, then unload. It turned out I was a genius because it seemed like it would never end. We got most of it packed and passed out from exhaustion.

I have found that when moving, the longer the day goes, your "stuff" turns into "that crap we own". However, that crap quickly switched back to valuable items not to be parted with when we ran out of room on the truck. You read that right - Fred, Mr. Organized to the T, wasn't able to get it all in the truck. And both of us were having massive panic attacks over the whole thing.

Cue my parents to arrive in middle of panic attacks and complete hysteria. My dad was still recovering from his heart attack but insisted on helping us. People like that need to be whacked upside the head because I failed to see the "help" when dude looked like he was going to keel over any second. Plus he was wearing a life vest which would zap his heart in case it stopped. As in his heart....stopping....being zapped back to life. I sort of joked about soaking him in water because I wasn't in the mood to be all wow God is so great and with us on this epic turd flush of a life suck we had going on.

He's starting to say I might be adopted because all my negativity is a real downer. Yeah, I've heard that many, many times from many, many people.

My folks, sensing the freak out, called my grandparents and arranged for them to get money so we could rent another truck the following week. We'll leave off it was a loan....from my our desperate time of need. My grandma hates the fact that I home school and pretty much lets me know where I stand in her opinion. Gosh, it's a wonder why I didn't visit more often.

At least my grandma likes her son, my dad, and does a lot for him. Ah, a mother's love for her son.

My aunt and uncle came to help us unload the truck and thank God they did! Dad drove the moving truck and that was a huge help and my mom wasn't able to lift much of anything. That left the 5 of us, 3 being teenagers. We all decided Fred is part ox because dude manhandled a lot of furniture. He's not a big guy and he was hefting stuff like it was nothing. Never underestimate the man! Nor his ability to channel nervous energy in a time of crisis.

Personally, I think we should be applauded for hauling some serious booty to get it all done. Got the truck back and the very next day Fred went off to his new job while I tried to figure out how I was ever going to move my body ever again.

Remembering all this, I now should be thankful I didn't have the Internet because the sob fest was fierce. Not gonna lie. The emotions were all over the board and then some. My faithful 2 readers were spared a lot of whining. I can now look at it all in retrospect instead of being in the moment of "we're gonna die!!!"

See? Happy ray of sunshine I'm not.

While Hubby was at his new job, I discovered things that shouldn't leak water did, and things that should drain didn't. Feelings of sympathy for Fred should be at an all-time high that he came home to that hot wreck.

Day 2 of his job left me dealing with plumbers. So did the next day and the next day and the next. Kyle the idiot, as he will forever be remembered, worked for his dad the main plumber and I swear is my brother-in-law's twin. He had the same crappy attitude, the same know it all stance, and argued with his dad in front of us all the time.

The boys decided to hideout in their own rooms for like a week. They said it was a really good week after years of sharing a room.

While that was going on, my FIL called and I told him how we didn't get everything and we had to go back and get the rest. All kinds of hurt feelings were had because we didn't have them help. We had no where for them to sleep, no where for them to park as the moving truck took up the whole driveway, and I didn't have money to feed them. Long story short, I got to deal with all that crap of that particular stick. And I feel bad for even saying that. They have bailed us out on several occasions but I don't understand why all the drama. Nor do I understand why I'm the one that gets stuck dealing with everything and Fred never does. And they are still helping us and I am picking up on some major vibes that this isn't going over too well. FIL will promise us the moon, MIL is the one that has to deal with reality, and the two don't mix. Sort of all the makings of a really bad storm.

And that is where I tread. Stuck between two forces. Then toss in my parents and that takes it to a whole different system.

So the following weekend, we went up to my parents place and spent the night. Jared didn't eat a whole lot but I didn't think much of it and was too stressed out over everything. Went back up to Michigan. And I can't even express how weird that is to say that. 

I really thought I was going to be weepy about missing things that were familiar because I just spent the last week totally disoriented. Instead, I started having gallbladder attacks. Seriously?!?! We got the smaller moving truck and headed back to our house for the last time only to discover that those 2 lanes that were chewed up were now caverns of destruction. What a difference a week made! Never would have gotten the big truck backed in or out.


We got the last of the stuff and I walked through my house one last time. Snot-fest of 2012 will be forever remembered especially since I ended up chapping my nose because I had to use paper towels to mop up my face. Fred, being the sensitive man that he isn't, told me to hurry up as we were burning daylight. I'm still deciding if I'm going to let him live.

And off we went. We ended up staying the night at my folks. Again Jared said he wasn't feeling too hot. The next day we headed over to my grandparents place to unload some of the stuff my folks wanted.We then headed back to Indianapolis and unloaded pretty quickly. Granted, most of that is because we live in a scary neighborhood. Dad's medicine was changed so he was feeling a thousand times better but he forgot it so couldn't spend the night. Likely story. 

We took them out to eat as a way to say thanks. Jared kept saying he didn't feel too hot and that was the first weekend it hit over a hundred degrees. We found a Chinese buffet and J just picked at his food. We went outside and was saying goodbye to my folks when Jared passed out right in the parking lot. Dude was out cold! When he came too, we helped him up and found a group of people had gathered around. Immediately they all started praying over Jared and the rest of us.

And I had no more Kleenexes. I'm sure that was a sight to see as it was another emotionally charged weekend and it doesn't take much to get me to cry. We loaded up our worn out crew and got Jared some ice for the knot on his head. Dude hit the pavement pretty hard. Took a couple days for it to go down.

By the following weekend, Fred got everything squared away. We both really don't feel like unpacking everything. We're renting so we know we'll be moving again before we know it. This doesn't feel like home so it feels weird but we're all okay with that. Everything has it's place and we're making it work. One day at a time. And really that's all you can do.


Lorraine said...

Wow!! I think that pretty well sums it up! It sounds like you are back to blogging therapy just in time...

Joanna said...

I'm actually glad I've had time to cool off because in the middle of was ugly.

jubilee said...

Having just gone through a big move and ready to do another, I feel your pain.

Praying for you!

Joanna said...

Jubilee - I think you win the award of most moves. How you are keeping your sanity is a mystery to me! Hugs lady.

Kerri said...

"Epic turd flush of a life suck." Now I remember why I put all liquid out of arm's reach when I read your blog. SO sad you're gone, but you STILL make me laugh. I HAVE to remember that one. Epic turd flush of a life suck. You get some kind of award for that one! I'm so glad you have internet again!!!

Joanna said...

The dance of happy has been going on.

Does that not describe what our summer turned out to be? Leave best friend? Oh yay! Said no one.