Sunday, September 23, 2012

Crisp Weekend

I am in a sweatshirt!! And jeans! Oh how I've missed jeans!!! Bring on the hairy legs, I mean glad to not have to shave every day. Ahem.

So very happy the 90 degree weather is gone and now 80 degree weather is gone. It's been only mid 60s last couple days. My brain has finally stopped boiling. And now I'm slightly freezing but I'm okay with that.

This post will be random mush so be warned.

My second cousin brought her grammy, who is my aunt, up to see the guys. Actually, she came and got me, had some girl time; somehow my aunt got involved, and then ended up tagging along when she brought me back home. This has been funny because I haven't seen this aunt in years and the first time we pulled this she didn't know I was coming, so to walk in and have her say, "who are you?" had us all in stitches.

She still claims she knew it was me but meant to say what are you doing here - yeah, sure.

Now my aunt, being my mom's sister and all, looks A LOT like my mom. So when she walked through our door Jared was like "well hi grandm.....wait a second." We all started laughing and she asked if she knew who she was and he was like sort of....not Too funny! He totally snuggled her to pieces too. She wasn't used to that - dude was almost in her lap. She said, well he's a cuddly thing isn't he? We asked why was he so huggy and he said she looked like grandma and her arm was plushy.

Silly kid.

I had to tell my folks about it because it was funny. Might have been a bad plan because now my folks are pressing to have the guys for a few days, one at a time to get them out of the nest. Jared is the only one that is even slightly interested. I haven't asked Fred yet but can imagine his response.

This could cause issues because if my in-laws were to find out that we allowed this, not like that's going to happen, they would be royally ticked off. They've asked to have the kids too and we told them no. Granted they live 6 hours away but mainly we haven't really had good visits anytime we went out.

But on the flip side of that - my dad is bent on preaching at anything that would move. I get what he is saying and yes, he is quoting scripture but it comes across as browbeating. He doesn't ask you, he tells you what you are doing wrong and why you need to repent and do things the way he interprets the bible. That can be a sticky ball of wax.

I'm just going to toss out there that if you want to take that line - you might want to have lived a better life or had been a better example. Sort of hard to take someone seriously when you look at their life and think ya, I'll pass.

I have noticed that both sides want the kids without us around but we've also picked up on them ripping on us and how we parent. Oh yes, this makes me want to sign up for another round of name that dysfunction. Except not.

Sigh - family.

Sort of sad the weekend is almost over. Chemistry was brutal for the guys this week. It was so brutal it about did me in. I wasn't aware that there is a formula to convert joules to Celsius, nor was I aware to what degree I didn't care about this information. I couldn't figure it out so I was no help to them whatsoever. Thankfully, their dad gets science and is able to explain it but sort of stinks when they have a question about a problem and I run screaming out of the room.

I did mention I am no help, right?

Although, Michael did asked that they not do physics next year and the thought of advanced chemistry has me shaking in my boots. Wonder what organic chemistry is about? And why do I have a feeling this could be a bad plan with me being squeamish and all?

Forecast for the upcoming week - upper 60s to low 70s with a slight chance of grading papers, followed up with some baking. Looks like 100% chance of doing laundry to boot. Eh, I'll take it.


Lorraine said...

No fun comment from me...just had to say hi and let you know I continue to be delighted you are back to blogging. OK, maybe I felt bad that you put it out there and then there's no comments. ya got one!! :)) Oh, and my daughter calls asking for help with problems in her Calculus II class. Wrong number, sweetie!!

Joanna said...

Lorraine, you crack me up. :)