Friday, September 7, 2012


Right now I'm trying to type quietly. Michael is taking a chemistry quiz and I am a skert his brain is starting to cook. Of course, I looked over his shoulder saw the problem and I bolted out of the room in case he asked me a question.

Tell me again, why am I homeschooling?

This momma is super happy she has the answer book and doesn't have to know this information. Because zoinks! I never did chemistry.  I'm not a science person. I blame it all on biology. Do you know how hard it is to study biology when it's making you physically sick? I passed out when my period was explained to me. Needless to say, we scratch off pretty much anything to do with science on the "Things I might want to do" list.

Come to think of it, I don't remember having a good list. I may have just colored the paper without really coming up with anything.

Suddenly my life and all it's lack of ambition makes sense now.

Might as well cross off motivation speaker, er, writer from the list while we're going for it. Actually, I take that back. I can motivate and encourage really well just not in mass form. I have to be one on one to get a good vibe from someone. I didn't want to say read because that just sounds creepy.

And now I lost my train of thought. I was trying to make a point and oooo shiny! And I like TV. TV? Hey Bones is coming back soon. I like that show except I get really grossed out and still have to hide behind the pillow. Thankfully the guys aren't all that bothered by blood, or even the sight of blood. Gag! Blood - oh yeah - guys, schoolwork, science. Back on track. 


But proud of dude, because he is slugging it out and understands it. Nicholas just finished his health assignment and is doing the chemistry practice test. Jared got all his work done by 10:30. The older boys are slightly hating him right now. I just said, "his time will come" and the evil looking grins were funny. Jared isn't going to get an ounce of sympathy. But then again, his brothers have never given him any to begin with so he should be used to it.

Van is not fixed. In-laws are on the way out so FIL can fix van. I think Fred might have cried with relief but he said it was a sigh. Yeah, okay, whatever. Pretty wet looking sigh there.

But now I'm in a panic because I don't have extra food planned for in-law visit and I have no way of getting any extra stuff. I hate that - always feel like I just failed some Suzie happy homemaker 101 on how to be a good housewife. "Always be prepared for uninvited guests" - I won't be cross-stitching this on a pillow anytime soon. It doesn't help that they don't like anything I cook.

I just end up feeling bad and inadequate. However, I am pretty much used to this feeling, so I just try to ignore it and move on.

I did get to chuckling. Fred had prayed the other night that God would send a mechanical angel and Jared said wouldn't it be funny if God sends Pap? Sure would be because that is exactly what God did. Should I say be careful what you pray for or just be glad the van will get fixed? I think I'll go with being glad the van is getting fixed.

Now I need to go finish cleaning, freak out because I got too much other stuff to do, come up with a dessert because dinner isn't going to be all that filling, go hide in a corner and help the guys finish their school. A+ all around because my brain is mush.