Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Yet Another Tale of Woe

How much crap is one person supposed to take anyway? Because I'm pretty sure I am waaay past the limit.

So....in-laws made the trek out. It takes them just as long as it did to Michigan. Something that they are not happy about. Maybe we should have moved to Fort Wayne? It's got to be better than this ghetto.

Anyhoo, the van - it is beyond verklempted. And by that I mean the head gasket is blown. FIL did his mechanical magic all to no avail. So Fred called a few garages and it's going to cost $1600.

Really, life? Really?  That's how this is going to go down? Son of a nut-bolt! Because we don't have it. Not even close.

Part of me can't help but feel there is some reason for all of this. We tried to go to the BMV, or whatever they have here, to get our driver's license and possibly plates, but Fred forgot our marriage license and we need to have the vehicle we're transferring the plates with us.

Yeah, the van isn't going anywhere. And I threatened to go back to my maiden name because I was so steamed at dude. Then I remembered my mom is busy ticking off another government branch and decided not to go down that road.

Luckily for him.

Speaking of that, I got a few emails asking why I didn't write some lovey-dovey post for our anniversary. Long story short - I wasn't feeling it that particular day so thought silence was the better choice. More on that later.

So now I don't know what we're going to do. So far, wailing, weeping, and gnashing of one's teeth hasn't solved anything. Well duh! Learned that one many years ago. Yet, here I am in another, 'are you kidding me' moment.

This also means we're stuck riding in the truck. I feel so bad for the guys. Nicholas' legs are smashed so every bump and his knees are gouging into the back of the bench seat. And what luck!! It's time to grocery shop! In the truck! With no cap!!! Yay!

I can't even get all snarky about it because food seems to be a big deal to these guys, so they take their food very seriously. Loading of the carts has turned into a sport. Especially when I'm feeling crazy and/or hormonal that particular day.

I dare you to say something about that. Double dog dare.

So as if this tale of woe wasn't sad enough as it was - turns out while FIL and Fred were working on the van, they had to leave the backdoor open a crack to run electrical cord. We locked up, went out to eat, and came back home. While I was out in the kitchen I suddenly noticed a lot of mice turds all over the counter top and stove. Odd. Especially since we haven't had any mouse issues up to this point.

I was still cleaning up the mess when my MIL saw a mouse run across the floor in the living room. She is terrified of mice. And this seems to happen to her every time she visits. Mice just love to jump out and say howdy anytime she visits.

I'm sort of amazed she ever visits. Although, she said she is now praying my boys will grow up and move to PA. You should be proud of me that I managed not to say a word of rebuke, but rather just gave my boys a look and raised an eyebrow. All of them said that ain't gonna happen. Good boys!

Fred shot back that we could have moved farther away and she could learn to take a plane ride if that's the case. I left that room faster than you can say free chocolate! Because me-yow! I am not getting into that fight. But it does bother me that my MIL would pray my boys would move far away from us only to be closer to her.

Putting the fun in dysfunctional for generations.

Back to the mice - I say mice because the amount of mice turds was too many for 1 mouse. So we pulled out the mice traps, loaded them with peanut butter, and 2 have paid the penalty of death for trespassing. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Especially with all the issues we've had with critters.

I am really tired of all this junk.


Julie said...

Life has been treating you none to kindly lately. :(

We think we might be about to blow one of those head gasket things too. *sigh* ... The Durango keeps overheating. We've changed the radiater, the thermestat, and the water pump, to no avail... And sadly we don't have an extra vehicle to fall back on, and can't afford anything else.

Sounds like we're screwed with a capital S! *sigh*


Joanna said...

After listening to my FIL and Hubby run through all the what it could be I would say it's your head gasket as well. Extra sigh.....and you're screwed too. :(

Michelle said...

Just popped in to say Hey, and thought you needed a "--it happens" comment! Love you mean it. :)

Joanna said...

Yuppers. :}