Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Da Groceries

Oh Lord - give me patience with male teenager metabolism and all that goes with it. Help me to have wisdom and forethought to have enough sense to have the pantry loaded and stocked so they don't pounce on something that was set aside for something else. (Not that this has happened but it has come close a few times)

Lead us not into the empty pantry or full on panic that the food will be consumed in a few days rather than the next payday. Strengthen those shelves that holds all the food I cram onto it - may it not bow or break. Deliver me from whiny voices that declare there is nothing to eat except a can of peas which is a fate worse than death according to someone.

May I have my list fully made out, nothing to be overlooked, ability to have stuff for just the right I'm hungry moment that is an hour and a half before dinner, because there will be hell to pay if male persons have to have hunger pains that last longer than what they deem fair.

Give us a bucket of money to pay for all this not to mention the utility bills for all the electricity and water they consume with abandon. For thine is the kingdom with all the loot and the ability to pay for all this anyways.

In others word - Lawd help us!

I feel bad for the guys - I do, but holy heck keeping these guy full for longer than half an hour has turned into a challenge. And it's not like any of them are athletic and burning tons of calories either. These guys are picking the place clean!!

My dad had stopped in Saturday. Long story cut extremely short - they're getting a good deal on half a pig and he's giving us some of it. He asked if our freezer in the basement will be empty by then. I about fell on the floor laughing hysterically because that freezer gets totally loaded and totally emptied every 2 weeks.

The guys are now making sure I go on Pinterest so I can find new recipes. Nicholas was laughing with glee that he's reaping all the benefits of it. Michael was doing schoolwork next to me while I was printing a couple new recipes off and he said, "Hear that stomach? That is the sound that awesome food will be in your future."

That was funny and true all rolled into one statement.

Any new recipe I write out or print off gets looked over and requests for me to make it ASAP happens a lot. I still forget to pin most of the stuff I find because I'm evil like that.

But I feel like my days are constantly focused on food. What to make, when to make it, have a balance of every one's favorites because God help us if these people can agree on anything other than meatloaf!! That is the only thing these 4 guys can agree on.

I guess I shouldn't be too surprised with sibling rivalry alive and well that there was no way they would like the same foods. However, there are a handful of meals that the kids like but Fred doesn't. Usually that's when I give up, flop on the floor sobbing, and ask God to deliver me. Most times I'm quietly handed some form of chocolate in the hopes I will keep up with all the awesomeness that I do.

The clinic Fred works at is staffed with all women and now he comes home and calls me a saint. There is a new tone of awe in his voice I haven't heard before and it makes me laugh. All the women that he works with thinks I'm nuts a saint for being a stay at home mom AND home school. They give dude the what for because he found a saint and better realize most woman would not give him the amount of awesome I pump out daily.

Well alrighty then.

I am liking this group of women! I may have to figure out some awesomeness to unleash come Christmas time.

That is if I can keep anything on hand longer than 3 days around here.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Well That Was Interesting

What day is it anyways?? I don't know, my nose has been stuck in a book and I'm loving every second of it. Unless I get bugged for something then I want to scream I'M READING!!! DO IT YOURSELF!!! But somehow managed to restrain myself.


So the weekend kicked off with finally getting to go back to the BMV to make the van legal. I was kicked out of bed, was dragged to the van aaannnnd nothing - dead battery. Fred was taking Nicholas and Michael hiking that afternoon. Not a good sign. We discussed our options while waiting for the battery to charge. Went and filled up the gas tank, got the plates, and then went back to the garage and ended up buying a new battery.

Oh yes, because spending $1600 wasn't enough for us.

Something else we discovered - a major fuse keeps blowing. And I guess it controls the power door, radio, dome lights, the heater/ac and the blower. Yikes! Basically they have to hunt down what is causing the short and then fix it. Cost? Anywhere from $70-$500.


That was the sound of me hitting the floor.

FIL is going to take a crack at it when they come out the the twins' b-day. I so hope he can get it fixed. Especially since Fred got red flagged for working too much overtime. Now that's it's a new pay week he can go back to working overtime. Dude is such a hard worker - he pulled 14 hour days for a whole week.  Amazing how motivated you can be when it's still a pay cut from what you were making. But apparently the bean counters freaked out that he would do it a second week in a row.

Oh yeah, I haven't said much about his job. Well, he likes it way better than his old job. He's still in the out patient clinics but figured it would be a year before he could move to the in patient unit and then still more time before he could make it to the IV room. He rotates between one of the clinics and the out patient pharmacy at the hospital.
He said having to learn all the codes and who to bill what to is about enough to drive a normal person insane. The hospital pharmacy only takes some Medicaid/Medicare programs but not all of them and it causes all kinds of confusion.

He really hates dispensing the meds because he has to interact with the unwashed masses people and some people get cranky when they have to pay for their meds.

I wish I were kidding.

Oh my gosh, the stories he tells me! I thought their biggest problem would be people trying to forge prescriptions. Nope. It's people having a fit if they have to pay for their meds. One guy tried to say he didn't think it was legal for them not to give him meds even though he was refusing to pay for it. How things get billed does affect the price, so it does get confusing but he said mostly people throw a fit if they have to pay anything for medicine. They have a special program that if people are so poor they only pay $5 for their meds no matter what it is. And are these people grateful? Most of them no, because they want to argue that one of their meds they can get for $4 at CVS but they forget their other medicine has a price tag of over $200 that CVS would not give them for $5.

Be afraid people because these idiots vote.

But his bosses love him, he tackles everything without being told to do it, his OCD issues kick in and keeps the main clinics he's assigned to totally neat and in order, when he's at the hospital pharmacy he jumps right in and gets stuff done and has restocked stuff that most people leave for the next person. Couple of the clinics about went to blows on who was going to keep him.

Several of the pharmacist said he is more than capable of doing their pharmacist program. Trouble with that is the time and the amount of debt is really overwhelming. I think they can't work for 2 years while they do their rotations because the program is that intense. How is a family suppose to live on nothing for 2 years? And could you imagine the student loan amount? One of the pharmacist said that her student loans are just as much as her mortgage.

I'm thinking no.

Actually, I think he could do it but the job still has to deal with people and he still can't stand people. Gonna just say I don't think it would be a good job match. So I'm thinking he should pass on that. Not to mention the whole debt up to your eyebrows doesn't appeal to me.

I think the funniest thing is he gets a lot of compliments from customers on how he keeps his facial hair. And his eyes - lot of ladies say he has bedroom eyes. We get a good laugh out of that one.

The hardest thing for me is keeping up with laundry. Dude is pressed and dressed now, not to mention his lab coat. After years of him working construction, this is a whole different ball of wax and I have to keep on top of it. Luckily for me we had hit a lot of Goodwill stores and stocked up on dress pants before we moved. He's always had nice clothes but now he gets to wear them all the time. Laundry fairy has been getting her butt kicked. Doesn't help dealing with all the dishes.

I miss my dishwasher.

I still have the dinner dishes to go do but here I am wasting my time on the blog and I have vowed to stay up and finish that book I'm stuck in. Because it's that good and the house is quiet. Bliss!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

You Can't Make This Crap Up

When we last left our heroine, she thought that sunny days were ahead. Granted, she thought that while shivering under a pile of blankets but thought surely this was just a slight hiccup. She tried in vain not to listen to the loud voices that started to list off all the crap that has gone down in the last few months.

Our heroine mustered up all of her might to try and think positively when suddenly she had a brain cramp from the weird mental strain. About that time, in walks evil reality only to tap her on her shoulder and said, "howdy-do" and proceeded to roll right over the plans.

Gruesome, isn't it?

The plan was we were supposed to pick up the van Tuesday night and then a trip to the BMV to get all legal like and then head to stuffmart to load up the carts. Too bad those plans were set ablaze, as in didn't happen. The garage didn't leave the van out so we couldn't get it, which means the BMV was out because not only was that the only night they are open late, but you have to have your vehicle with you to turn in your old plates (that are now expired). This meant we got to go grocery shopping in the truck again.

Whee. Said no one ever.

Not even the bags were happy about this because it has turned rather cold.

But the good news is the furnace is now working. Fred did something and now it's working. So that was a huge happy dance we did.

Then Fred came and snagged me on his lunch break and we got the van back so there was more singing and dancing. Until I discovered that my key fob isn't working, the power door isn't working, and neither is the dome lights.

Really? That's how this is going to play out?

Fred said a fuse is short circuiting - he knows what fuse it is but when he plugged in a new one it sparked, burning itself out. We had this same issue when we first got the van but a new fuse fixed it so sort of surprised that same fix isn't fixing it.

We seem to be in this really weird limbo of one crisis erupts only to get almost solved but another one pops up. First crisis gets even closer to being solved with a third crisis bubbling, second one gets solved only for the third to erupt etc. It's been a bit exhausting. And this has been going on non-stop for months.

2012? We are so celebrating your end with whiskey.

Not really - I can't handle the stuff. But a big birdie will be given in its honor. And this time, I'm using the middle finger. No church pinkie for me thank you very much!!

Since we can't go to the BMV until Saturday now, I got to have the van for the day. Oh the happy! I've missed my mom-mobile. The guys about plowed me over to get out of the house and into the van so we went and ran a few errands. We were so excited to be out of the house during daylight hours that we were cracking each other up. Totally screams losers but we were laughing. Granted, it's because we were making fun of other people but a jovial time was had by us. And all the people who were eavesdropping on our conversation.

I think I may be a bad example.

We were stuck in line at Wal-Mart. And not just any Wal-Mart but the hell no! Wal-Mart. Another one of those weird crazy odd things happened where somehow my glasses got mushed and mangled so we were forced to go to the hell no WM because they were closer and I had already been to that one when a nose piece snapped off my glasses a few months ago. Staff seemed nice so went back and their eye center is awesome and back in business. Then I had to buy something at the hell no WM and that's when the fun began.

It is super-duper crowded. Beyond anything I have ever seen type of crowded. Good luck getting your cart through anything type of crowded. Managed to grab what we needed and not lose any of my children and almost raced a little old lady to get into the "speedy checkout" lane. They should be sued for the wrongful use of the term "speedy" - just saying.

She won, btw. Her scooter had turbo boosters.

Then we proceeded to stand in line for a looooooong time. And then it started - someone in another lane said something that got us thinking about something else and before you know it we're making jokes about it. Guy in front of me and next to me were in stitches. Personally, I think both of them hadn't heard a funny thing in years because we weren't THAT funny.

Then dude next to me started hitting on me which got ME laughing. Michael looks at me and says in his deep voice, "is this guy bothering yous?" to which Nicholas jumps in "because I can hit him with the cart". Before I can say anything the guy says I have very protective brothers. Jared about screams "that's my MOM, dude!" causing several heads to turn in our direction.

I'm laughing because my posse is ready to take junior down. He smiles sheepishly and goes and stands in another lane. The guy in front of us - hearing all of this - is about ready to wet himself he's laughing so hard. He said we totally made his day. I'm not sure if I should be proud or enroll us into some form of therapy.

We move to another state and still the craziness of WM haunts me. But at least there wasn't any screaming children so that's a bonus. Of Stuffmart - you still suck even though you had me at low prices.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

But Of Course

Crazy few days. Typical me style - I'm just gonna dump the whole thing in and go with it.

Van isn't done yet. We will be getting it tomorrow. Then it's off to the BMV to get plates. I'm leaving out a whole lot of drama and thought we were getting it Saturday but didn't but the BMV was closed for another stupid holiday and.....

Oh wait, I was leaving all that off.

Add an eye roll, a foot stomp, and a couple of snorts of angst and you'll get the picture.

That whole routine has gotten quite the workout this week too. You may recall, or not because who can keep up with this crap? That Jared got busted on not doing some of his schoolwork. The beauty of having PMS is that it can deliver shock and awe when need be. And oh, how it delivered! Nicholas and Michael were moved to sympathy for Jared and that almost never happens - ever!

Next day, I checked another workbook only to discover he had been skipping pages as well. I was too worn out to give shock and awe. I just tossed the book at him and said get to work and that was all it took. Dude has been working hard at getting caught up. Lesson learned.

The thing that gets me is he didn't understand the directions but didn't bother to ask for help. When I demanded to know why, all I got was typical lame male response of dunno.

I will be happy when this stage is over. I can have hope that it won't last forever as I look over to my almost 17 year olds doing school work that makes my brain melt.

Granted, that wouldn't take much, but still. I'm having a moment of hope and gooey feelings to wash out the murderous ones of why did I let you live?!?

That was all before the weekend and our trip up to see my folks. It was my dad's 70th birthday and we went up to celebrate his day. Except we ended up going in the truck. 2 hour drive in the truck - to see my folks - yippy skippy. Said no one.

But the funny thing about that was we arrived on time, which was a miracle, only to be told that gosh there is no room for us. Come again? I guess counting was difficult or something. Now in my mom's defense - shocking I know - people from their church sort of crashed the party and took up the extra spots. So there was a table that cleared out that sat the 5 of us but off to the side.

Fred laughed at the irony of it all. We're sort of at the party but off to ourselves. You would have to know Fred to understand his humor at it. He doesn't care for people as it is, so toss in people he doesn't know and it just gets worse.

Smugness was taken to a whole new level.

Especially when we ordered later than everyone and got our food first way before everyone else. The glares didn't stop us and we consumed our food with glee. Hey, we were hungry! When their food finally arrived I was surprised to see salads and breakfast food was ordered. We had to order off the dinner menu and got full entries and got it faster than a salad.

I may have been kicked to quiet my laughter.

I felt bad for my aunt and uncle - they looked half starved and bored out of their brains. Wished I could have talked to them longer than 10 minutes. Don't blame them that they bolted first chance they got.

But we loaded up and went back to my folks' apartment. My dad's parents and sisters went with us and we hung out talking. My brother called to wish dad happy b-day and my dad passed the phone around. It was weird talking to him. Been years since we've talked and there are times when things just fade away and you wonder what happened and why did things have to go wrong.

I wish he had a better life. I wish he made better choices.

He talked to Michael for just a bit and said, wow you don't have a little kid's voice anymore.

There are some things in life I don't think I will ever understand. And I can't think on it for too long because it just hurts and there are no answers.

Mom was making hamburgers and found out she was out of buns so dad, Jared, and I walked to Meijer to get some more. My legs hated me today - took me a while to figure out why. Especially since I was going up and down the stairs to do laundry.

But we had a really good visit. Talked with my grandparents, talked with aunts and uncles, and it makes me wish we were closer. Unlike my husband, I find something comforting about family in a weird sort of way. There are some relatives that remind you why you stay away but there are others that you wished you could be closer to and you feel this odd sense of belonging. Or maybe that's just me. Weird.

So we came home late and got ready for another week. Fred picked up furnace filters after work, got them installed and vents all swept out only to discover the furnace isn't working. Lovely! We were just talking about being relieved the vehicle crisis will shortly be over with and now this. We think it might be a breaker. Not sure yet. And we have no one to call. The property manager got fired and we don't have any contact information for the landlord. Granted he hasn't gotten rent either but you don't hear me complaining too much - that is until the furnace doesn't work.

The guys and I spent the day in sweaters and blankets - looks like that's how the rest of the week is going to go as well. Wonder how many calories I'm burning by shivering?

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Down In The Ghetto

It's been a busy week here in the hood. If the cop presence gets any more thick, I may consider opening up a doughnut stand. I can't offer cider as it's super expensive down here. $6 for a gallon is beyond my pocketbook considering these guys tend to guzzle the stuff. Especially when I heat it up, top with whipped cream and drizzle it with caramel.

Mmmm - be right back.

Gulp! Aaahhhh!

Where was I?

For some reason everyone gets pulled over right near our driveway. There was the car search that resulted in 6 cop cars and hours upon hours of entertainment as Jared gave us blow by blow commentary. He could see the whole thing from his room. We actually had our road blocked off by 3 cop cars as someone was holed up in the house a block over just the other day.

I think Mr. Rogers would be terrified to ask anyone if they wanted to be his neighbor here.

Today's exciting episode was cops canvassing the ghetto neighborhood trying to get info from the shots that were fired last night. And by shots I mean someone had to have gone through 3 or 4 magazine clips. While my prayer life has taken on a whole new level of urgency, the guys will take that moment to play a new game we call: Name That Caliber. We're watching TV when bang, bang, bang, bang goes off. Guys all wait a second and then said to each other, "that's too light of a sound to be a 45 - might be a 9mm but I'm thinking it's a 22." "Yeah, odd choice especially for this area. Did you hear last night those loud bangs? Now that had to have been a 45."

My response? What do you think?!?

I'm sending yet another prayer for God to open up some serious doors for another place to move to. Not to mention the huge army of angels to protect us and to scare the bajeebers out of whoever is shooting. But the sad thing is I really am starting to hear the difference between calibers. Funny how I never really wanted to notice this, but here I am, nonetheless, and the guys all think it's cool that I've been trying to guess at it too.

I pity the fool that messes with this group. I'm sort of a shoot first, ask questions later, and will bawl myself into a royal fit that no jury would ever convict me type of gal. That is assuming I actually hit the intruder and not the side of a wall.

But the prayer life? It's a whole new world. I don't start of with Our Father who art in heaven, but rather staying with the current situation and going with machine gun prayer. Sort sounds like help us, help us, help us oh lawd, Jesus, help!!!

I think the direct approach has been working.

Right now the Twilight Bark is going on - it's where all the dogs in the ghetto neighborhood all decide to bark like their tails are on fire. At least the gun fire is over with by 10 p.m. While the dogs are still going at it at 2 a.m.

I did mention I'm sort of praying we can move, right?

I've voiced this a few times but Jared said he sort of likes this house now, loves having his own room, and said he's not recovered from our move down here. While I agree with him as I am no where near recovered from moving - this area freaks me out. There are some nice areas around here but where we are at - feels like Detroit, Michigan instead of Indianapolis. My aunt was asking if the guys go out and play and I barked out a laugh to try and cover up I just said hell freaking no. Jared backed this up by saying, "they don't play kick the can here, they play shoot the can."

This is a bit much for me. Goes way beyond a culture thing to a what the hell is wrong with these people?! kind of thing. Heck of a time to figure out you're a small town kind of person while living in a huge inner city war zone.

Fred would like to point out that he thinks I'm exaggerating a little bit. He said he's worked on houses in some scary parts of town before and this area doesn't qualify. Dear Lord, there are places worse than this?!? He said it's not a war zone, more like a video game that has lots of guns firing in the distant background. How that's different is beyond me. Personally, I think he's stalling so we don't have to move again because I'll be honest, just the thought of moving makes me want to flop on the floor and bawl my head off.

And here's a kicker - we lost our landlord. So once again we have no idea what is going on with our housing situation. At this point, I've just rolled the whole thing over to God and said whatever.

However, last nights OK back ally Corral may have slightly changed my mind. Then again, I bet I could make some serious money on that doughnut stand. That is assuming it doesn't get robbed. Cops are only around during daylight hours - the freaks all come out at night. Just in time to make all the dogs go crazy.

I do get to laughing at how many people have told us Indy is the best place to live. I'm thinking these people might need to travel a bit more. Either that or we're on the wrong side of town.

Monday, October 1, 2012

What Just Happened...

To this last week? Because it flew by but at the same time not much new to report. Unless you count the epic waiting game we're playing.

For those of you new - I hate waiting. I seriously freak out at suspense because I am such a wuss I can't handle the not knowing what's going to happen next.

Van is still in the shop which I guess is okay because we still don't have the money for it yet. Trouble with all this is that our plates have now expired. You have to have your vehicle with you to register it and get plates - I think we have to turn in the old plates. When we called the garage they informed us that gosh, other jobs were in front of it and they haven't touched the van yet but it's the first one to be dealt with come Monday. The BMV isn't open on Monday. So we're looking at Tuesday evening at the earliest to get plates but that's only if the van is ready which I have been informed not gonna happen.

Did I mention that we don't have the money to put insurance on the truck? And that you have to have insurance before you can get plates? No - didn't mention this? Or maybe I did and I just totally forgot which is totally possible. I'm too busy freaking out after all.

Yet another round of prayers going to up to God of HELP!!!

I wonder if He's tired of these prayers because that is about all I've prayed for the last few months. And while He has been helping us, it is no where near the degree of what I think should be happening. Must be another one of those calm down lessons. I was in full freak out mode last night and Fred looked at me and said, "chill, it is what it is."

Thanks Captain Calm, I'll be sure to get right on that.

Only not.

Not to leave it alone, I started to rattle off all of the what ifs and just how bad the epic screwage could be. Dude just shrugs his shoulders and said, "that's a tall what if that may or may not happen." He then went on to say that if none of it happens, I would have wasted all that crazy energy for nothing. I'm still trying to burn off a few calories from making his favorite dessert so I don't see the negative of all this.

Yessiry Bob, can't figure out why I would need ANOTHER lesson on the calm down department. Totally clueless as to why I....would.....have.....okay I get it, I have issues and all but still, this stuff sucks. And last I checked the suck-o-meter has been tapped out. Or it should have about a few years ago. Yet the train still chugs.

On a totally different topic, got to go hear the guy who wrote the guys' chemistry book in a debate between creation and evolution. These people are so smart it made my brain hurt. I could almost feel my brain cells giving up the will to live. It wasn't pretty.

Although, I now see what the guys have been complaining about in their chemistry. This man talks way above you and doesn't really bridge the gap with teaching. I didn't feel like he taught me anything. The man on the evolutionist side was a better speaker, but he was so arrogant and rude that he lost any teaching points.

It was just my cousin, Jared, and I because Nicholas and Michael are pretty smart cookies and having heard all this stuff before, passed on going to it. They are still laughing about the glazed over look on Jared's face who didn't understand a blooming thing. Poor kid. He's too much like me. Although, he's going to get his goose cooked tomorrow. We were going through school stuff and lesson plans only to find out he hasn't done any of the quizzes or tests in history. Seriously? Rat fink has his assignments all checked off but no work.


I should have been on top of this a bit faster. Tis the age and all.  But still....he better be glad he had already went to bed. I read somewhere that teenagers are like large toddlers. I think they need just as much supervision on toddlers do. And why do I fall for it? It's like I forget the cloud of stupid is lurking around just pushing them along to do something stupid.

Stupid cloud of stupid.