Tuesday, October 9, 2012

But Of Course

Crazy few days. Typical me style - I'm just gonna dump the whole thing in and go with it.

Van isn't done yet. We will be getting it tomorrow. Then it's off to the BMV to get plates. I'm leaving out a whole lot of drama and thought we were getting it Saturday but didn't but the BMV was closed for another stupid holiday and.....

Oh wait, I was leaving all that off.

Add an eye roll, a foot stomp, and a couple of snorts of angst and you'll get the picture.

That whole routine has gotten quite the workout this week too. You may recall, or not because who can keep up with this crap? That Jared got busted on not doing some of his schoolwork. The beauty of having PMS is that it can deliver shock and awe when need be. And oh, how it delivered! Nicholas and Michael were moved to sympathy for Jared and that almost never happens - ever!

Next day, I checked another workbook only to discover he had been skipping pages as well. I was too worn out to give shock and awe. I just tossed the book at him and said get to work and that was all it took. Dude has been working hard at getting caught up. Lesson learned.

The thing that gets me is he didn't understand the directions but didn't bother to ask for help. When I demanded to know why, all I got was typical lame male response of dunno.

I will be happy when this stage is over. I can have hope that it won't last forever as I look over to my almost 17 year olds doing school work that makes my brain melt.

Granted, that wouldn't take much, but still. I'm having a moment of hope and gooey feelings to wash out the murderous ones of why did I let you live?!?

That was all before the weekend and our trip up to see my folks. It was my dad's 70th birthday and we went up to celebrate his day. Except we ended up going in the truck. 2 hour drive in the truck - to see my folks - yippy skippy. Said no one.

But the funny thing about that was we arrived on time, which was a miracle, only to be told that gosh there is no room for us. Come again? I guess counting was difficult or something. Now in my mom's defense - shocking I know - people from their church sort of crashed the party and took up the extra spots. So there was a table that cleared out that sat the 5 of us but off to the side.

Fred laughed at the irony of it all. We're sort of at the party but off to ourselves. You would have to know Fred to understand his humor at it. He doesn't care for people as it is, so toss in people he doesn't know and it just gets worse.

Smugness was taken to a whole new level.

Especially when we ordered later than everyone and got our food first way before everyone else. The glares didn't stop us and we consumed our food with glee. Hey, we were hungry! When their food finally arrived I was surprised to see salads and breakfast food was ordered. We had to order off the dinner menu and got full entries and got it faster than a salad.

I may have been kicked to quiet my laughter.

I felt bad for my aunt and uncle - they looked half starved and bored out of their brains. Wished I could have talked to them longer than 10 minutes. Don't blame them that they bolted first chance they got.

But we loaded up and went back to my folks' apartment. My dad's parents and sisters went with us and we hung out talking. My brother called to wish dad happy b-day and my dad passed the phone around. It was weird talking to him. Been years since we've talked and there are times when things just fade away and you wonder what happened and why did things have to go wrong.

I wish he had a better life. I wish he made better choices.

He talked to Michael for just a bit and said, wow you don't have a little kid's voice anymore.

There are some things in life I don't think I will ever understand. And I can't think on it for too long because it just hurts and there are no answers.

Mom was making hamburgers and found out she was out of buns so dad, Jared, and I walked to Meijer to get some more. My legs hated me today - took me a while to figure out why. Especially since I was going up and down the stairs to do laundry.

But we had a really good visit. Talked with my grandparents, talked with aunts and uncles, and it makes me wish we were closer. Unlike my husband, I find something comforting about family in a weird sort of way. There are some relatives that remind you why you stay away but there are others that you wished you could be closer to and you feel this odd sense of belonging. Or maybe that's just me. Weird.

So we came home late and got ready for another week. Fred picked up furnace filters after work, got them installed and vents all swept out only to discover the furnace isn't working. Lovely! We were just talking about being relieved the vehicle crisis will shortly be over with and now this. We think it might be a breaker. Not sure yet. And we have no one to call. The property manager got fired and we don't have any contact information for the landlord. Granted he hasn't gotten rent either but you don't hear me complaining too much - that is until the furnace doesn't work.

The guys and I spent the day in sweaters and blankets - looks like that's how the rest of the week is going to go as well. Wonder how many calories I'm burning by shivering?