Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Da Groceries

Oh Lord - give me patience with male teenager metabolism and all that goes with it. Help me to have wisdom and forethought to have enough sense to have the pantry loaded and stocked so they don't pounce on something that was set aside for something else. (Not that this has happened but it has come close a few times)

Lead us not into the empty pantry or full on panic that the food will be consumed in a few days rather than the next payday. Strengthen those shelves that holds all the food I cram onto it - may it not bow or break. Deliver me from whiny voices that declare there is nothing to eat except a can of peas which is a fate worse than death according to someone.

May I have my list fully made out, nothing to be overlooked, ability to have stuff for just the right I'm hungry moment that is an hour and a half before dinner, because there will be hell to pay if male persons have to have hunger pains that last longer than what they deem fair.

Give us a bucket of money to pay for all this not to mention the utility bills for all the electricity and water they consume with abandon. For thine is the kingdom with all the loot and the ability to pay for all this anyways.

In others word - Lawd help us!

I feel bad for the guys - I do, but holy heck keeping these guy full for longer than half an hour has turned into a challenge. And it's not like any of them are athletic and burning tons of calories either. These guys are picking the place clean!!

My dad had stopped in Saturday. Long story cut extremely short - they're getting a good deal on half a pig and he's giving us some of it. He asked if our freezer in the basement will be empty by then. I about fell on the floor laughing hysterically because that freezer gets totally loaded and totally emptied every 2 weeks.

The guys are now making sure I go on Pinterest so I can find new recipes. Nicholas was laughing with glee that he's reaping all the benefits of it. Michael was doing schoolwork next to me while I was printing a couple new recipes off and he said, "Hear that stomach? That is the sound that awesome food will be in your future."

That was funny and true all rolled into one statement.

Any new recipe I write out or print off gets looked over and requests for me to make it ASAP happens a lot. I still forget to pin most of the stuff I find because I'm evil like that.

But I feel like my days are constantly focused on food. What to make, when to make it, have a balance of every one's favorites because God help us if these people can agree on anything other than meatloaf!! That is the only thing these 4 guys can agree on.

I guess I shouldn't be too surprised with sibling rivalry alive and well that there was no way they would like the same foods. However, there are a handful of meals that the kids like but Fred doesn't. Usually that's when I give up, flop on the floor sobbing, and ask God to deliver me. Most times I'm quietly handed some form of chocolate in the hopes I will keep up with all the awesomeness that I do.

The clinic Fred works at is staffed with all women and now he comes home and calls me a saint. There is a new tone of awe in his voice I haven't heard before and it makes me laugh. All the women that he works with thinks I'm nuts a saint for being a stay at home mom AND home school. They give dude the what for because he found a saint and better realize most woman would not give him the amount of awesome I pump out daily.

Well alrighty then.

I am liking this group of women! I may have to figure out some awesomeness to unleash come Christmas time.

That is if I can keep anything on hand longer than 3 days around here.


Lorraine said...

I think you need to share some of the recipes. I've resorted to Hamburger Helper for tonight. In my defense, it has been YEARS since I served chemicals in a box to my family! :-)

Julie said...

It's hard enough feeding my brood, and so far only one of them is a teenager. Heaven help us when they are ALL teenagers! *sigh*

Bet you're an awesome cook! :D


Joanna said...

Lorraine - Hamburger helper would only be a lunch size portion....for the twins. If Jared likes something, dude can put it away.

Julie - start getting creative. Snacks - they always want to snack on top of the regular meals.

I hold my own in the kitchen. Can't invent a recipe but I sure can follow one! lol

Michelle said...

I feel you. With seven of us (basically 5 adults) it's my greatest headache. I can not imagine what it'd be like with teenage BOYS. OYE!! The weekly total is staggering to say the least, and becoming vegan only made it WORSE! Lawd help us, indeed!!!