Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Well That Was Interesting

What day is it anyways?? I don't know, my nose has been stuck in a book and I'm loving every second of it. Unless I get bugged for something then I want to scream I'M READING!!! DO IT YOURSELF!!! But somehow managed to restrain myself.


So the weekend kicked off with finally getting to go back to the BMV to make the van legal. I was kicked out of bed, was dragged to the van aaannnnd nothing - dead battery. Fred was taking Nicholas and Michael hiking that afternoon. Not a good sign. We discussed our options while waiting for the battery to charge. Went and filled up the gas tank, got the plates, and then went back to the garage and ended up buying a new battery.

Oh yes, because spending $1600 wasn't enough for us.

Something else we discovered - a major fuse keeps blowing. And I guess it controls the power door, radio, dome lights, the heater/ac and the blower. Yikes! Basically they have to hunt down what is causing the short and then fix it. Cost? Anywhere from $70-$500.


That was the sound of me hitting the floor.

FIL is going to take a crack at it when they come out the the twins' b-day. I so hope he can get it fixed. Especially since Fred got red flagged for working too much overtime. Now that's it's a new pay week he can go back to working overtime. Dude is such a hard worker - he pulled 14 hour days for a whole week.  Amazing how motivated you can be when it's still a pay cut from what you were making. But apparently the bean counters freaked out that he would do it a second week in a row.

Oh yeah, I haven't said much about his job. Well, he likes it way better than his old job. He's still in the out patient clinics but figured it would be a year before he could move to the in patient unit and then still more time before he could make it to the IV room. He rotates between one of the clinics and the out patient pharmacy at the hospital.
He said having to learn all the codes and who to bill what to is about enough to drive a normal person insane. The hospital pharmacy only takes some Medicaid/Medicare programs but not all of them and it causes all kinds of confusion.

He really hates dispensing the meds because he has to interact with the unwashed masses people and some people get cranky when they have to pay for their meds.

I wish I were kidding.

Oh my gosh, the stories he tells me! I thought their biggest problem would be people trying to forge prescriptions. Nope. It's people having a fit if they have to pay for their meds. One guy tried to say he didn't think it was legal for them not to give him meds even though he was refusing to pay for it. How things get billed does affect the price, so it does get confusing but he said mostly people throw a fit if they have to pay anything for medicine. They have a special program that if people are so poor they only pay $5 for their meds no matter what it is. And are these people grateful? Most of them no, because they want to argue that one of their meds they can get for $4 at CVS but they forget their other medicine has a price tag of over $200 that CVS would not give them for $5.

Be afraid people because these idiots vote.

But his bosses love him, he tackles everything without being told to do it, his OCD issues kick in and keeps the main clinics he's assigned to totally neat and in order, when he's at the hospital pharmacy he jumps right in and gets stuff done and has restocked stuff that most people leave for the next person. Couple of the clinics about went to blows on who was going to keep him.

Several of the pharmacist said he is more than capable of doing their pharmacist program. Trouble with that is the time and the amount of debt is really overwhelming. I think they can't work for 2 years while they do their rotations because the program is that intense. How is a family suppose to live on nothing for 2 years? And could you imagine the student loan amount? One of the pharmacist said that her student loans are just as much as her mortgage.

I'm thinking no.

Actually, I think he could do it but the job still has to deal with people and he still can't stand people. Gonna just say I don't think it would be a good job match. So I'm thinking he should pass on that. Not to mention the whole debt up to your eyebrows doesn't appeal to me.

I think the funniest thing is he gets a lot of compliments from customers on how he keeps his facial hair. And his eyes - lot of ladies say he has bedroom eyes. We get a good laugh out of that one.

The hardest thing for me is keeping up with laundry. Dude is pressed and dressed now, not to mention his lab coat. After years of him working construction, this is a whole different ball of wax and I have to keep on top of it. Luckily for me we had hit a lot of Goodwill stores and stocked up on dress pants before we moved. He's always had nice clothes but now he gets to wear them all the time. Laundry fairy has been getting her butt kicked. Doesn't help dealing with all the dishes.

I miss my dishwasher.

I still have the dinner dishes to go do but here I am wasting my time on the blog and I have vowed to stay up and finish that book I'm stuck in. Because it's that good and the house is quiet. Bliss!!