Monday, October 1, 2012

What Just Happened...

To this last week? Because it flew by but at the same time not much new to report. Unless you count the epic waiting game we're playing.

For those of you new - I hate waiting. I seriously freak out at suspense because I am such a wuss I can't handle the not knowing what's going to happen next.

Van is still in the shop which I guess is okay because we still don't have the money for it yet. Trouble with all this is that our plates have now expired. You have to have your vehicle with you to register it and get plates - I think we have to turn in the old plates. When we called the garage they informed us that gosh, other jobs were in front of it and they haven't touched the van yet but it's the first one to be dealt with come Monday. The BMV isn't open on Monday. So we're looking at Tuesday evening at the earliest to get plates but that's only if the van is ready which I have been informed not gonna happen.

Did I mention that we don't have the money to put insurance on the truck? And that you have to have insurance before you can get plates? No - didn't mention this? Or maybe I did and I just totally forgot which is totally possible. I'm too busy freaking out after all.

Yet another round of prayers going to up to God of HELP!!!

I wonder if He's tired of these prayers because that is about all I've prayed for the last few months. And while He has been helping us, it is no where near the degree of what I think should be happening. Must be another one of those calm down lessons. I was in full freak out mode last night and Fred looked at me and said, "chill, it is what it is."

Thanks Captain Calm, I'll be sure to get right on that.

Only not.

Not to leave it alone, I started to rattle off all of the what ifs and just how bad the epic screwage could be. Dude just shrugs his shoulders and said, "that's a tall what if that may or may not happen." He then went on to say that if none of it happens, I would have wasted all that crazy energy for nothing. I'm still trying to burn off a few calories from making his favorite dessert so I don't see the negative of all this.

Yessiry Bob, can't figure out why I would need ANOTHER lesson on the calm down department. Totally clueless as to why I....would.....have.....okay I get it, I have issues and all but still, this stuff sucks. And last I checked the suck-o-meter has been tapped out. Or it should have about a few years ago. Yet the train still chugs.

On a totally different topic, got to go hear the guy who wrote the guys' chemistry book in a debate between creation and evolution. These people are so smart it made my brain hurt. I could almost feel my brain cells giving up the will to live. It wasn't pretty.

Although, I now see what the guys have been complaining about in their chemistry. This man talks way above you and doesn't really bridge the gap with teaching. I didn't feel like he taught me anything. The man on the evolutionist side was a better speaker, but he was so arrogant and rude that he lost any teaching points.

It was just my cousin, Jared, and I because Nicholas and Michael are pretty smart cookies and having heard all this stuff before, passed on going to it. They are still laughing about the glazed over look on Jared's face who didn't understand a blooming thing. Poor kid. He's too much like me. Although, he's going to get his goose cooked tomorrow. We were going through school stuff and lesson plans only to find out he hasn't done any of the quizzes or tests in history. Seriously? Rat fink has his assignments all checked off but no work.


I should have been on top of this a bit faster. Tis the age and all.  But still....he better be glad he had already went to bed. I read somewhere that teenagers are like large toddlers. I think they need just as much supervision on toddlers do. And why do I fall for it? It's like I forget the cloud of stupid is lurking around just pushing them along to do something stupid.

Stupid cloud of stupid.


Lorraine said...

My walking buddy and I have an approach to life that might be a bit unorthodox. Ya ever hear the saying that 90% of what you worry about never happens? Well, we take that to mean that worrying is effective and a good thing so we just have at it!! OK, not really, but it gives us something to laugh about when we remind each other to get busy worrying!! Try it, it works every time!!!

Joanna said...

I don't know - I can worry about all kinds of things. I can even invent things to worry about and then worry about those scenarios. Fred asked me once what I was so worked up about so I listed everything. He said I have issues. :}

Lorraine said...

And do those things happen??? :)

Julie said...

When it comes to Creationism, I like the teachings of Ken Ham, and Answers in Genesis. I have learned a LOT from him, and wish I could go see the Creation Museum!!!!