Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tsk, Tsk

My time gets away from me a lot lately. I can't say I'm busy running here or there, but it just seems like I don't have much time for myself lately or I'm only getting snippets. Obviously, the blog pays for it.

So. How's your month been going? Mine has been a blur. Just a lot of lather, rinse, repeat. I'm going to say, yet again, I miss my dishwasher.

Thanksgiving went off just fine. My folks were here and it wasn't too bad. Mom went off on a few crazy rants but I'm getting pretty good at shutting them down. We pigged out on food and we were thankful. Watched some TV with the folks while the boys made themselves scarce. I did pat myself on the back for how far I've come. Then gave God a high-five because it hasn't been easy. Can't say as they've changed but how I handle things is totally different.

Fred had to work the weekend so we were a bit late in our tradition of putting up the Christmas decorations. We had the tree up and discovered a few of our strands of lights were dead. Sad looking tree with most of the lights on had to wait another day for Fred to pick stuff up on the way home.

I miss having a vehicle to do stupid errands. Because having to wait for stuff gets old real quick.

Also found out my sweeper is having issues. Not sure if it's hormonal and just a bit crazy or if it's in its death throws. Lets just say, it hasn't been pretty.

Fred had an office party for thanksgiving and recipes were demanded. Made me laugh. Except now I have all this pressure to out-do myself for the Christmas party. Some of my best stuff doesn't travel well. Which makes parties interesting. Eh, we'll come up with something.

After Jared dropped about a brazillion hints to get the tree up, his brothers are now starting to drop the hints of when is the goodness going to start showing up in cookie form? And happy holidays to you too! I was trying to avoid this for a bit longer. I'm so frustrated with my weight I'm about ready to send myself to a fat farm....for broke people. It's called you just sit on your big butt and don't eat until your big butt is a smaller butt.

Kidding. I can't find a place like that nor do I have the willpower for it. Not to mention I feel like all I do is deal with food. I'm either hunting for a new recipe, trying said recipe, and/or having to hold off the masses from eating everything they can get their hands on. Let me tell you what an adventure that has turned out to be.

I've heard lots of moms complain about grocery bill and feeding kids. Granted, that was mostly from me, but I'm finding the best plan of attack when dealing with eating machines is well, planning. I shouldn't be surprised as that's how we survived twins when they were little. I have things planned out. While they sing my praises, I'm already thinking of the next feeding and how to make sure I survive the onslaught. Reminds me a lot of when they were babies.

Gosh, it's such a wonder why I'm having issues with food. There would be a mutiny if food wasn't served up on a regular basis around here so I can't seem to escape from it.

As if that wasn't enough, I'll now have to pray that I won't have issues with hearing because we broke down and got the guys the electric guitar and bass guitar. Thanks to cyber Monday, we got good deals. I'm asking Santa, Fred, and total strangers to get me headphones that block out noises. I've said it before, it's not that these guys aren't good but when they first learn something can be rough at first. I'm still trying to convince Fred to get drums or a large bongo. He has natural rhythm and you either got it or you don't. Not to mention I'm afraid I'll throw something at one of the kids if they were trying to learn it.

I don't think I'm kidding on that one.

On a totally different note, we've been checking out a different church this last month and I can honestly say this is the first pastor I think I've ever liked. He's funny, he teaches something and has a new angle I haven't heard of before, is genuine, and actually has compassion towards his flock. I can usually smell agenda on people - not in a paranoid type of way but just a gut reaction which has turned out accurate every.single.time.

While their worship team isn't as good as the mega church, it flows better and they have enough people that they rotate. We haven't heard the same group twice so far. Each has their own flavor and I like it. We don't recognize a lot of the songs though, but the congregation is more down home people - more genuine. So far we're liking it.

I still feel guarded towards people. I know I'm not supposed to be but I still find myself behind that wall not ready or wanting to budge. I can already tell one lady in particular has tried to get me to engage and while I can't entirely stop myself being a natural conversationalist, I still can feel myself hitting the brakes or dodging questions. Not that I'm hiding anything, I just don't want to let people in.

I can hear ya say, what is your problem? In a nutshell, someone's parting words to me cut deep and as someone I viewed as a woman of God, it left me questioning myself, people, and motives. And I can't help but be guarded because my gut reaction was correct and stupid me walked right into it anyway.

Talk about baggage. I feel bad as I'll have to battle myself to not make these people pay for other peoples' mistakes and wrongdoings. Almost makes me exhausted just thinking about it and I know that's also a huge factor why I hit the brakes.

Why do I have this annoying feeling God is up to something? Especially dealing with people, because I've found myself in the last 2 months in a counseling sort of position a lot lately and on a lot of different topics too. This confuses me as I feel I'm kind of a hot mess so who am I to give advice? But I get into these situations where I can see both sides of an argument and out of no where bam! God hits me with an answer or suggestion that turns out to be spot on. Weird.

Not sure what to make of that one. Time will tell.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

That's Just Crazy!

What could be so crazy, you may ask? No, this time I got you because why are you still reading this if you don't want to know? Am I right?

C-r-a-z-y. It's like I knew.

Not really. I just guessed.

Let's see, first crazy on the list: in-laws were visiting for the guys' birthday. Naturally, we had to go to the guys' Chuck E. Cheese which turns out to be Guitar Center. Personally, I'm thankful that we are far beyond the Chuck stage. Pizza wasn't too bad but seeing that many Ritalin sniffers was just conformation that our society as a whole was totally doomed.

Yeah, because last week wasn't conformation enough.

So I dropped off the guys while my MIL, Jared, and I went to Gamestop. I hate those places. I'm either talked to like I actually have a clue about gaming or I'm getting hit on. I'm now concern that playing video games harms people's eyesight because eww. This time around I only had to endure all the game speak and sort of zoned out. Then I was told we need to update our info and renew our card to which that is Fred's department, not mine. Apparently, no does not mean no to gamer boy. But if he thought for a moment I was going to buy something extra, well then who am I but to school him in the lesson of back off jerk-weed!?

Finally made it out of there without spending anything extra and went back to get the rest of our crew.

I heard Michael took off for the guitar area and Nicholas headed to the piano section. Both had fun drooling over instruments they had no business even touching and got to rock out on some stuff. Both were approached by people complimenting them on their playing. The crazy part was Nicholas said a couple guys just walked up to him and jammed a little with him and then asked if he would play for their church.

Um, okay. Do I know you?!?

Oh, Indiana. I keep forgetting you people are a lot friendlier. I also forgot to pass that information along to my children. It caught Nicholas totally off guard which I found to be surprising.

The guy asked him if he had a cell phone which he said no and this floored the guy. But he said Nicholas is very talented and told him the name of their church and asked him to check them out. Too bad Nicholas can't remember the name of the church. Not to mention didn't get any of the guy's information and all he said was maybe.

Pause while I bang my head on the desk

I sat there and peppered him with multiple questions, one being was it a paying gig?!? because hello you could use the money. I highly doubted it was paying as most churches usually expect people to give their talents to the Lord with no price tag, but it never hurts to ask. Besides, my whole point was to get him to think and be able to respond on the fly. Clearly, I have my work cut out for me. Proof was as I rattled off several questions, dude kept saying, Oh, I never thought of that or I didn't think to ask.


I promptly asked him who is he and what has he done with my son. You got to understand, Nicholas is the conversationalist, the pushy one, always the first one to say something and was pretty much caught flat-footed, so to speak, in a conversation. So unlike him. But I find myself constantly pushing them to get them to think about and to look farther down the road instead of just the here and now.

Not an easy task.

It's been a few days and he's still pretty floored that he was asked to play at their church. He's still quick to say they don't have the same style or taste in music. When I asked why, he said it was southern gospel and not his cup of tea. And if he doesn't like something, well, it's just not going to happen. We teased him that if it's a paying job, he can make it his cup of tea! He totally disagrees, but it's still fun to tease him.

Brought up a few comments about church and serving. We had checked out another church last week and they were asking for volunteers for the tech area. Nicholas and I just looked at each other and smirked. Then, and only then, when it was safe from, you know, people - we cracked up laughing.

I'm used to dealing with people who, for whatever reason, have it out for me. I still struggle thinking people suck as I've gone through enough circles of getting my character assassinated and constantly told I'm not good enough for any leadership position that I would like to avoid it all together. Wasn't aware I was trying to be in leadership, nor was I aware I wasn't behaving but hey - whatevs.

But now my kids don't really want to have a part of serving in church as they've watched their dad and I serve in many areas only to get burned - repeatedly. And what can you say to that? Were we treated wrongly? Yes. Did it hurt? Yes. Would I go back and do it again? Nope. Would I ever consider getting back in the game? ....I'll get back to you on that one because my first response is nope. There are people I still wished I had never met. True story.

Not fun dealing with other people's crazy. And doubly not fun dealing with a crappy attitude about the whole thing. Crazy just took on a whole new flavor.

The next crazy thing was the State of Michigan has contacted us to inform us we were wrongfully foreclosed on.

Do tell.

We are now part of a class action law suite. Um, okay. Won't erase the past few years, won't get our house back, can't undo everything we've gone through, nor will it change anything. We won't know how it's all going to shake out for several months but I can't help but feeling a bit vindicated. I mean, so much so, that I would like to make copies of this and send it to all the lovely people that told us at the time that God was judging us, we were horrible people, that we were stupid and utter failures, and deserved all this calamity.

According to the State of Michigan - they're incorrect. Our case was already looked over and we were wrongfully treated.

Boo-ya, beeches!

Of course, I'm having to pull in my attitude. Failing miserably, but trying none the less. All of this came on the heels of another character assassination and left a pretty ugly scar. So to have some official paperwork saying you was done dirty? Priceless.

I've seen a lot of people who stand on their high horses looking down on other people tend to get kicked upside the head. My dad had someone tell him he had his heart attack for some secret sin - the same guy had his own massive heart attack just a couple months later. Food for thought.

And I have a list of people for karma in case it gets bored and/or forgetful.

My in-laws were a bit surprised by this news. My FIL has voiced his opinion that he felt it was our fault entirely. I think I should repent for savoring the look of shock on his face. I'm not quite there yet. I had to endured a lot of "well if you would just go get a job and put your kids in school like a normal person you wouldn't be having these problems."

Truly a shock why we don't visit more often.

Said no one ever.

Eh, just have to wait and see how it all pans out. Just another wave in the ocean of crazy.

Friday, November 9, 2012

So Here I Is....

Wide awake at oh dark thirty-ish, and decided to write another boring blog post as I continue to murdalize the English language. Where grammar police shudder in horror as if this was the scariest thing out there.


For the record, I still have no idea what it is and why it shouldn't dangle. Maybe it's scared of heights or something, I dunno?

I can feel your excitement from here. Simmer down before I sprain a finger from all this typing.

Personally, I think I'm funnier when I'm slap happy but it just might mean I don't care and have given up all attempts to censor myself.

Fear me if you dare!!! For I am unable to make any sense!!!!

I don't even drink coffee, so I don't know what my excuse is. Oh, wait!! I'm a mom! That should explain the nervous ticks, the eye twitch, the haggard expression, the sighs of contempt, and the utterly bone exhaustion of letting these people live.


And typical me style, this should have been busted up into different blog post but since I've totally blown this off for Pinterst, I'm just gonna cram it all into one long post.....again. So sit back and see if I can stay on point.

*whispers* not gonna happen

Well, I totally went all Sunrise, Sunset on my boys. Posted a few pictures of them on Facebook but was able to refrain from going all "omg, I am so proud of you guys and *sob* I just want the best for you out of life and you're the wind beneath my wings."

Does that mean I'm standing on them? That's kind of a cruel thing to say to someone.

But they got THE GAME that they've been blathering on about only to didn't work. Happiness was no where to be found. Especially from me because I was dragged from my warm bed, went to vote, took Hubby to work so I could have the van for the day, ran a ba-gillion errands, and then came home only to encounter the unhappiness.

My folks arrived shortly after, at least I think they did because I was too busy with making the cake, frosting it, and got working on lasagna because that's what the guys always request. Yippee. I guess I should be grateful they didn't ask for homemade noodles as that is a total time suck of my day.

After tossing the pan into the oven, my dad and I went and picked up Fred from work and then got back in time to take the lasagna out of the oven. I found a nifty trick on hemming jeans on Pinterest so forced my mom to do it for Michael's jeans. It's terrible. Dude wears a 30x30 but really needs a 30x29 - which I have yet to find. So she did that and we watched the election while Fred took the game back to swap it for another one.

Excitement was upon us and the moment was building up with so much hope! And then we found out Obama won. I mean the game didn't work either. Needless to say, there was a room full of grumpy people. Suddenly I felt rather foolish for singing my nanner nanner, goodbye song while at the polls.

They don't make medication for people like me. Believe me, people have looked.

But we all know what Scarlet would tells us - that tomorrow is another day. And so the next day rolled in with Nicholas getting a brilliant idea, which he swears some techie angel must have downloaded it to him as he's still surprised it worked.  And there was rejoicing in the land as the stupid game was now working!

Claps of joy and laughter!

Noise interrupted as the guys beat the stupid game in 1 day.

1 day?!?!?

They beat it again the following day on the hardest level in less time. Really, people? Really?

One would think that amount of money one just spent that it would be hours upon hours of laughter, entertainment, and leaving the momma person A-L-O-N-E so she could read her book in peace. But that turned out to be a big ol n to the o, there momma.

And true to form, youngest wanted to get in on the action and there was all kinds of finger pointing going on. Me, being the awesome me that I am, had anticipated this and had books, his own game, even a movie tossed in to try to distract him from his brothers new shiny game in the hopes of surviving this week without any arguments.

No such luck. 

We are now out of chocolate AND wine. But sadly, I still have some whine left as you are still reading.

On a totally different topic, but this has been addressed here before, I finally took people's advice and purchased a Netti pot. For those of you who missed this conversation, don't worry! It happened like 2 or 3 years ago and I couldn't even tell you where it is, nor can I link to it because I'm a bit tired and have lost all sense of courtesy of finding it.

Anyhoo, a Netti pot looks life a goofy Aladdin's lamp that you're supposed to fill with warm water, shove up one nostril, and play the teapot song as you tip it over and pour it out and up in your nasal cavity.

Yeah, I basically water-boarded myself.  No joke! I started confessing to things I had no clue about as I continued to partially drown myself all in the name of nasal cleansing. Oh my freak! The burn!!! I blew my nose wondering if a jellyfish was going to fall out of my nose but was disappointed that only a partial oyster blooped out instead.

Hee hee, I know 3 people just gagged at that! I say it's paybacks for some of the pictures people post on Facebook. I can't be the only person that is innocently scrolling through their feed, keeping in touch with their peeps, only to come upon some horrible injury that could turn a harden veteran nurse's stomach. And there I am all aaahhhhh! Make it go away! *gag* My eyes!!! *gag, gag*

Where was I? Oh yes, drowning myself.

The next day, I end up with a bloody nose. So now I'm cussing myself out for letting the partial oyster get away because apparently it was holding the blood in my nose for me.

Ick, man, just ick.

I still fail to see how this is suppose to be all helpful like and cleansing. Insult to injury, while cleaning up bloody nose, I discovered some mutant zip trying to form on the rim of my nostril. Now half my nose looks like it was out drinking and made out with Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer.

I guess that was better than hanging out with Bernard the brown-nose reindeer.

And I have no idea where that came from but I sat here for like 10 minutes cracking up laughing.

But my poor nose! Every time I touch it, it hurts. Before you say, "stop touching it" I was still cleaning up my bloody mess. I came pretty close to shoving an ice cube up my nose but was worried I would get carried away and start singing about Frosty the snowman.

Why do I have a feeling I need intervention? I'm not even on anything and I still feel like some normal person out there should step in and say, "seriously, you are strange and need to get fixed". But then I can see myself saying, "you can't fix me as I'm not broken" and then skip away singing some song that only makes sense to me.

Clearly, this is all a big sign for me to go to bed now.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Bring On The Happy

I got to go snag some more crack books! Sort of sad, I live like 2 minutes from this library and I guess they have this huge book sale like 4 times a year. I was introduced to this wha? couple months ago? And I scored some serious books for not much. Boo-yeah!

My addiction? On the cheap?!? Oh, heck freaking yeah!!! Crack Books! I love me some crack books!!!

(I'm seriously talking about books. All spammers can please keep your links to crack faaar away from me.)

I'm gonna whisper real quiet like that I haven't finished the pile from our last trip. And if you thought this was going to stop me, then you would be wrong. However, this house has no where to read and that is seriously cramping my style. Hard to read when the TV is going. I thought I was going to pop Jared upside the head if he didn't stop bugging me while I was reading last week.

I got him back. His book order came in yesterday and I pestered him the entire time. He apologized for bugging and then told me to go away. Muwahahaa! My evil plan is working!

So once again, I was picked up by my cousin's wife, who is the nicest person on the planet. I know ya'll are sweet peas and all but....she has all of us beat. No need for jealousy - she's too sweet and you would seriously adore her after about 2 minutes. It takes that long because you have to get introduction out of the way and all.

She has a wonderful group of friends. A concept I am still trying to figure out. And away we all went. Had a great time and squeal! more books. Although, I feel a teeny, tiny amount of guilt that I didn't find any books for Fred. Then that feeling just floated away. Books! They are all mine! All girl stuff! All fluff!! And in this house of testosterone, I think I've earned it. I say this as 2 are playing a video game of some alien getting murdalized and 2 are doing a Nerf war. I swear I live in a house of very large toddlers and one of them is older than me.

But me, being me, apparently can't go for too long without feeling guilt.

I usually beat that feeling up with a bag of cookies.

And then I feel guilty about it.

Vicious cycle.

And to keep with happy and bring it! We're heading out to Steak n Shake to get gasp! can it be? (said in an awe filled voice) The white chocolate shakes!! AND I have a coupon! Score!

That may have sounded slightly...oh, I don't know - pathetic, but it's the little things in life that can make it or break it.

Friday, November 2, 2012

And So...

Here it is a new month! Already. I almost freaked out - the guys said it's November and I'm all like, it just turned September, you can't fool me!

Then they held up the calendar. Well, snap! I guess I can be fooled.

This hasn't been much of a blogging year, I can tell ya that. Not for lack of blog fodder but time is just not cooperating to let this happen. I can have tiny blog posts that show gosh, I have no life. Or I can wait and cram everything into one post where your eyes roll into the back of your head from all the words.

And no, I can't do a happy medium.

If you even suggested that I'm thinking you must be new or don't know me that well.

I've gotten a few notices about November being a blog challenge month and to write every day. Yeah, I don't see that happening because then I will have to put in writing: did dishes and another load of laundry.
Next day, same as the day before BUT I graded papers.
Day after that - more dishes, more food to be made and watch as it's inhaled, more laundry. Whee, the excitement is more than I can contain.
Day after that - all that but had to about hog tie the guys to stay focused on their school.

I just put myself to sleep by all that lack of excitement.

In other who cares news, we weren't able to do our tradition to head to Steak n Shake to get the new holiday shakes yet as Fred had to work that evening. So the guys and I turned off the lights and watched TV while we horked down all our candy.

Not a very giving bunch are we?

Thankfully, no one knocked on our door so the chocolate was safe and that's all that matters.
We're taking a school break. Guys' birthday is next week. Toss in voting, and a few other stuff going on, focusing isn't going to happen. I'm not sure much of it happened this week as it is. We're getting them some video game that I've had to endure long discussions of all while trying to be a supportive and understanding mother.

I can't feel my cheeks from all my fake smiling.

But the Halo game, while already paid for, isn't being released until their b-day plus have to go vote and make a cake and make a big meal.  All with one vehicle. Last I heard, I'm getting dragged from bed at the butt crack of dawn to go vote and then take Hubby to work so I can have the van to go get the stupid game and come home with prize in hand to make their day happy and bright.

Ba-humbug! Oh wait, wrong holiday. My bad!

But you can see my lack of enthusiasm. I'm not sure if it's the whole getting up super early, the voting, or the fact that time marches on. Right now, we're all a bit freaked out.

Why you may ask? Go ahead, ask.

Because next year they will be adults. And I just flopped onto the floor and cried a sweet forever over that statement. They are starting to warm up to the idea of driving. Which is a shame because it's going to take a freaking miracle for all that to happen right now. But the time is upon us and we will be crossing that bridge hopefully in the spring.

Now I remember why I avoid looking at calendars - because reality is just a bit too much right now. How can I still feel young but all of the sudden feel really, really old? I'm not old enough to have 2, almost, 17 year olds!! Although, I heard from a friend I went to elementary school with and she's now a grandma and we're not even 40 yet.

Dude! That's messed up.

Actually, I want Tuesday to hurry up. I'm tired of hearing about all the politics, I don't like either one and am worried our country is screwed. And I'm tired of hearing about this video game. Oh, let me tell you how much I don't care. I didn't care about the previous versions of this game aaaannnnddd I STILL don't care. But they are happy and excited and right now I can't offer anything else so hurray! They're happy! And excited!!

Then they told me they want a bass player and an electric guitar for Christmas. Jared even said he wants to learn bass. I told Fred I want to get him some bongo drums so they can have their own band. Me? I will learn to play the tambourine! I will throw in extra beats just to mess with every one's timing. Muwahahaa!!

I think I want earphones for Christmas. At least while they are still learning. They were jamming out today and sounded A-mazing! But sitting through it and enduring until the amazing part arrives just sucks some days. My mom informed me I'm totally nuts for sitting through all the music. As if I had a choice.