Friday, November 2, 2012

And So...

Here it is a new month! Already. I almost freaked out - the guys said it's November and I'm all like, it just turned September, you can't fool me!

Then they held up the calendar. Well, snap! I guess I can be fooled.

This hasn't been much of a blogging year, I can tell ya that. Not for lack of blog fodder but time is just not cooperating to let this happen. I can have tiny blog posts that show gosh, I have no life. Or I can wait and cram everything into one post where your eyes roll into the back of your head from all the words.

And no, I can't do a happy medium.

If you even suggested that I'm thinking you must be new or don't know me that well.

I've gotten a few notices about November being a blog challenge month and to write every day. Yeah, I don't see that happening because then I will have to put in writing: did dishes and another load of laundry.
Next day, same as the day before BUT I graded papers.
Day after that - more dishes, more food to be made and watch as it's inhaled, more laundry. Whee, the excitement is more than I can contain.
Day after that - all that but had to about hog tie the guys to stay focused on their school.

I just put myself to sleep by all that lack of excitement.

In other who cares news, we weren't able to do our tradition to head to Steak n Shake to get the new holiday shakes yet as Fred had to work that evening. So the guys and I turned off the lights and watched TV while we horked down all our candy.

Not a very giving bunch are we?

Thankfully, no one knocked on our door so the chocolate was safe and that's all that matters.
We're taking a school break. Guys' birthday is next week. Toss in voting, and a few other stuff going on, focusing isn't going to happen. I'm not sure much of it happened this week as it is. We're getting them some video game that I've had to endure long discussions of all while trying to be a supportive and understanding mother.

I can't feel my cheeks from all my fake smiling.

But the Halo game, while already paid for, isn't being released until their b-day plus have to go vote and make a cake and make a big meal.  All with one vehicle. Last I heard, I'm getting dragged from bed at the butt crack of dawn to go vote and then take Hubby to work so I can have the van to go get the stupid game and come home with prize in hand to make their day happy and bright.

Ba-humbug! Oh wait, wrong holiday. My bad!

But you can see my lack of enthusiasm. I'm not sure if it's the whole getting up super early, the voting, or the fact that time marches on. Right now, we're all a bit freaked out.

Why you may ask? Go ahead, ask.

Because next year they will be adults. And I just flopped onto the floor and cried a sweet forever over that statement. They are starting to warm up to the idea of driving. Which is a shame because it's going to take a freaking miracle for all that to happen right now. But the time is upon us and we will be crossing that bridge hopefully in the spring.

Now I remember why I avoid looking at calendars - because reality is just a bit too much right now. How can I still feel young but all of the sudden feel really, really old? I'm not old enough to have 2, almost, 17 year olds!! Although, I heard from a friend I went to elementary school with and she's now a grandma and we're not even 40 yet.

Dude! That's messed up.

Actually, I want Tuesday to hurry up. I'm tired of hearing about all the politics, I don't like either one and am worried our country is screwed. And I'm tired of hearing about this video game. Oh, let me tell you how much I don't care. I didn't care about the previous versions of this game aaaannnnddd I STILL don't care. But they are happy and excited and right now I can't offer anything else so hurray! They're happy! And excited!!

Then they told me they want a bass player and an electric guitar for Christmas. Jared even said he wants to learn bass. I told Fred I want to get him some bongo drums so they can have their own band. Me? I will learn to play the tambourine! I will throw in extra beats just to mess with every one's timing. Muwahahaa!!

I think I want earphones for Christmas. At least while they are still learning. They were jamming out today and sounded A-mazing! But sitting through it and enduring until the amazing part arrives just sucks some days. My mom informed me I'm totally nuts for sitting through all the music. As if I had a choice.


Julie said...

We have a birthday coming up this month as well. :) ... My #2, Josh, will be 13 on the 10th. Two teenagers in the house! How the heck did that happen! *rofl*

Hope your guys have an awesome birthday!

Joanna said...

Thanks Julie!

I think we need to figure out how to hit the pause button on life.