Saturday, November 3, 2012

Bring On The Happy

I got to go snag some more crack books! Sort of sad, I live like 2 minutes from this library and I guess they have this huge book sale like 4 times a year. I was introduced to this wha? couple months ago? And I scored some serious books for not much. Boo-yeah!

My addiction? On the cheap?!? Oh, heck freaking yeah!!! Crack Books! I love me some crack books!!!

(I'm seriously talking about books. All spammers can please keep your links to crack faaar away from me.)

I'm gonna whisper real quiet like that I haven't finished the pile from our last trip. And if you thought this was going to stop me, then you would be wrong. However, this house has no where to read and that is seriously cramping my style. Hard to read when the TV is going. I thought I was going to pop Jared upside the head if he didn't stop bugging me while I was reading last week.

I got him back. His book order came in yesterday and I pestered him the entire time. He apologized for bugging and then told me to go away. Muwahahaa! My evil plan is working!

So once again, I was picked up by my cousin's wife, who is the nicest person on the planet. I know ya'll are sweet peas and all but....she has all of us beat. No need for jealousy - she's too sweet and you would seriously adore her after about 2 minutes. It takes that long because you have to get introduction out of the way and all.

She has a wonderful group of friends. A concept I am still trying to figure out. And away we all went. Had a great time and squeal! more books. Although, I feel a teeny, tiny amount of guilt that I didn't find any books for Fred. Then that feeling just floated away. Books! They are all mine! All girl stuff! All fluff!! And in this house of testosterone, I think I've earned it. I say this as 2 are playing a video game of some alien getting murdalized and 2 are doing a Nerf war. I swear I live in a house of very large toddlers and one of them is older than me.

But me, being me, apparently can't go for too long without feeling guilt.

I usually beat that feeling up with a bag of cookies.

And then I feel guilty about it.

Vicious cycle.

And to keep with happy and bring it! We're heading out to Steak n Shake to get gasp! can it be? (said in an awe filled voice) The white chocolate shakes!! AND I have a coupon! Score!

That may have sounded slightly...oh, I don't know - pathetic, but it's the little things in life that can make it or break it.


Lorraine said...

Totally puts a smile on my face to read of you getting a stack of girl books...and on the cheap! YaHoo!!

Joanna said...

Right now, I NEED to go stick my nose in a book.