Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Craziness Continues

It all started Monday too. For some reason, teenage boys think that has soon as a cookie is made it NEEDS to be consumed immediately. I've also noticed that these same creatures can eat their weight in cookies. This made "preparing" for Hubby's Christmas party impossible.

And, of course, dude wanted to get a tin for each of the people he works with at the clinic with different stuff in it. Thank goodness he wasn't making it for the hospital staff because I would have raised the white flag of surrender and bought cookies from the store. But since it was 5 tins worth, I was cool with it because I have no life, I've spent countless hours on Pinterest gathering different recipes I wanted to try. I would try a few and before you could say, "frost my cookies" everything was gone! Gone, I tell you!! G-O-N-E!!!!!

Clearly, I had to up my game. And by up my game I mean wait until the last second to get everything done.

Monday was the day of reckoning and the baking began. I totally miscalculated and thought I got half the stuff done. Nope. And all this baking takes a lot longer since I have to wash everything up.

I still mourn my dishwasher.

Tuesday rolled around with not only more stuff to do, but we had to go grocery shopping and I wasn't done with the list, AND auntie flow showed up. I kicked it into overdrive and got it all done by 3 A.M. Hubby and I make a great team because he said he wanted to give them lots of variety but there was no way I could have gotten all that stuff into the tins. So go us! And I heard I was the hit of the party and then they demanded that I start a food truck. Not gonna happen!

I spent Wednesday trying to recover by trying to do as little as possible. The kitchen is still a mess. I haven't even tackled the cookie sheets and I'm waiting for ambition to show back up. I have a feeling this will be a long wait. I got up today and was a bit disturbed when auntie flo looking at all the chocolate goodness and said, "Happy Hanukkah, Marv."

I didn't even know that about myself.

And then today, both Jared and I are feeling a bit plugged up. Great. We must have picked up more than groceries at stuffmart. Still no ambition on getting the kitchen back together and now I'm tackling laundry. But we are counting down the days until school break. The guys got their chemistry test done and Jared finished his spelling book. Tomorrow will be a super light day.

Bring on the happy dance!