Tuesday, December 4, 2012

This Just Isn't Going To Be Pretty

What could be so hideous you may wonder? My grocery bill that's what! I haven't even left the house and I'm already bawling at the sheer amount of money we're going to fork over to stuffmart.

Sheesh, if we didn't shop there for their low-low prices, I think we would be totally screwed.

And why is it that everything is needed? It's like everything waited to synchronize their watches to turn up empty all at once. If that wasn't enough, the sweeper did in fact, died. Anytime I turn it on, it sounds like it's trying to hack a live animal to bits. I'm pretty sure that's a sign that it's not working. And that's was after it belched out a cloud of dust all over the already dirty floor.


However, we won't have room for a sweeper so that will have to wait for a different trip. Not to mention one of the guys destroyed their sheets. Someone slid off the bed and grabbed the sheet to try to stop from falling and ended up ripping a hole in the middle of it. So it's looking like I'll have to do separate trips to stuffmart.

Oh, could I please?!?

Said no one E-V-E-R!!!!

But I have a serious lists of goodness to make. I'm almost afraid I've gained 5 pounds just by looking at the list. Don't even tell me to just take a few things off the list because we're at this stage where we can't do much, kids are all beyond wanting toys, and are only getting one big item. So snacks are pretty much all they have left to look forward to. So sad. Although, I'm concern the Hubby is looking forward to it more than they are. Dude gets seriously cranky until cookies start showing up.

And I'm the crazy one because why?!?!?

Pinterest has been awesome on finding new stuff. I have no idea how to link to my Pinterest page, besides I forget half the time to pin something. I either print it off, or write it down and then keep the goodness to myself.

Truly a wonder why I don't have more friends with such a giving attitude. *cough, cough*

Although, I'm still mad that I didn't get my mom's sense of decorating. I see all these pretty ideas and I tried once and it looked like a preschooler got into mamma's craft supply and almost glued her fingers to the centerpiece.

It wasn't pretty.

And thanks to Pinterest I now want a baby and a whole new wardrobe. Not like that's going to happen. Saturday we happened to hit Goodwill on like half off day. The guys all got some great stuff for not much. Epic score!! I, however, got a big nothing. I don't seem to do well at stores like that. There was stuff there but I was just eh. I need to be extra in love with something as I don't have much room left in my closet. I seem to have issues with parting with my clothes. I have stuff I should just give up and get rid of as in it's been years since I've worn it, but every time I go to do this I think, "well....maybe" and then shove the thing back in the closet eating up valuable hanger space.


But do you think I would ask Mr. I pitch everything to help me break this mysterious bond? That would be a big N to the O and go ahead and toss in a hell in there to. (That would be hell no, if you couldn't follow)

I've tried the bring something home, something must leave route only to have me just take something off a hanger and then proceed to shove it up on the shelf. I'm going to go out on a limb and say I don't think that's what it was supposed to accomplish.

Just another stroll down crazy lane.