Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What A Pill

No, not me. Well, yes I can be, but that's not what I meant. Ahem! Moving on.

I should start a whole series on the tales from Fred's work. I'm not sure how ethical that is but oh my gosh, the stories!!! They are rather epic.

How epic, you may ponder? How's this - lady came in to get some of her psych meds. As in medication for multiple personality disorder. Aaaannnd she threw a fit demanding to know why her meds weren't ready. Confusion was had by all as they remembered she had picked it up....yesterday. She didn't believe them and when they pulled up her file and showed her her signature she flew into a cussing fit. Turns out her other personality picked it up and signed for it.......under that personality's name. She told the staff under no circumstances was that person allowed to pick up her meds.

Wow! How do you explain that one? They had to remind her that this other person's name is listed on the approved list of person to pick up medicine.

My head ends up hurting trying to keep all the rules and regulations straight. And I don't even work there, which is a good thing because I have a feeling I would let my crusty broad self out and she would offend the masses causing me to get fired from the sheer number of complaints. But man what a day that would have been!

Similar case with a lady with dementia. She didn't remember picking up her medicine, cussed out the staff but then came back later in the afternoon to apologize when she found her medicine.

Those people you feel sorry for. But the cases where someone comes in pitching a fit wanting stuff for free? Well, that about sets Hubby pooh right off. So much so, that dude actually stepped his foot into it. I've made him tell me this story like 5 times now because I just can't believe that he would do something like this. Stuff like this never happens to him. Me? All the freaking time, but not him. I was so proud.

He said some guy came in asking for a blood pressure cuff. Fred informed him that they don't carry that and should check out a CVS, Walgreen's, or a medical supply store. The guy said, "They want me to pay for it."
Thinking the guy had left, Fred said to the other gals, "Wow. What a concept that a store wants you to pay for stuff. They must have been all out of the free stuff."  Before he could finish the guy yelled, "I heard that @$$hole!"

Crap like that happens to me all.the.time. So for Fred to stick his foot in it? Priceless! He didn't make any apology to the guy either which only made the guy angrier. Lot of dang nerve to come in pitching a fit that you have to pay for something.

Thank you, Congress! You have totally raised a bunch of idiots that want everything for nothing. Oh wait, that's what you do. Well, aren't you appalled by the competition?? Grr.

We've been having this discussion lately that we've noticed we have zero tolerance for people who refuse to get off their butt and do their part. Example, we were at stuffmart doing our thing when this group of people - I have no idea who was mom or friend and which kid belong to whom. I noticed on bumping into them at different areas of the store that the kids had no manners, was disruptive, and destructive. One boy was pitching a fit about wanting a skateboard, when he was told no he kicked the board sending it flying down the lane and ended up going under the shelves.

No one in the group said one word to the boy.

We get over to the dairy area and one little girl had a total and complete meltdown. I mean you had to go look thinking someone was hacking this poor child into pieces from all the commotion. Again, no one in the group of 6 adults said anything to the kid that was being murdalated. Up and down the aisle they went at a leisure pace with the screaming child in tow.

I'm not sure when exactly I snapped but I found myself saying waaaay too loudly, "birth control or paddle, pick one!" Fred, and a few other people, started cracking up laughing. And right at that moment the group with the screaming child came around the corner.

Talk about awkward. Why yes, I was given a dirty look. How could you tell?

In my defense, I was rather surprised they understood English. Judging from the hand gestures they understood exactly what I said, but I found it unfair that I didn't understand their reply because I was more than happy to have that discussion.

Dear Lord, someone better intervene because I have been getting a bit feisty lately.

I think I might be too touchy on the whole kid subject. I have busted my butt to make sure my kids behave so, silly me, thinks why don't other people do the same thing? If you won't discipline them, then don't have them. Fred was telling some of the gals this at work and they all thought it was hilarious.

I get kids having meltdown, having to do the mad dash to get the basics and get out before def con 4 was reached. What I don't understand is how no one in this group of adults said a blooming thing to the kid. At one point they just stood there talking while the kid hit pitches that would have caused a dog to have seizures. And this went on and on and on for over 20 minutes.

My eye twitch showed up and according to Jared, I had a look that could have melted metal. I think it was because they followed us up one aisle and down the other is what sent me over the edge. And after my snide remark, they went to a different area. I know because I could still hear the kid. But then again, we were in a Wal-Mart.

Fred said he's allergic to people. I'm either right there with him or I'm turning into a curmudgeon. Wonder if they make a pill to help with that?