Thursday, January 17, 2013

Apparently, The Ride Wasn't Over

We started back up with school this week and it has been a bear to get the train a moving! Personally, it's not blowing my hair back as the guys are the ones having to do all the work. I'm still baffled why music theory is giving one guy a hard time. I almost slipped and typed boy and it just hit me that he will be a man by the end of this year. Legally a man.

And now I will sob and have a really ugly cry-fest.

Speaking of ugly and crying, my folks are coming down for the weekend. There is a show at the fairgrounds and my dad helps out this BBQ sauce company and long story short, they need a place to stay. Since we live less than 5 minutes from the place I said yes. And I have been given several eye rolls.

I, being the sensitive person that I'm not, said to get over thy self and learn to be gracious, otherwise I'll kick you out of your bed and make you sleep on the top bunk in Jared's room so your grandparents could have your bed.

Amazing how fast the masses will snap to it when you are armed with reason and persuasion.

I'm trying to stay neutral. Right now, my folks are having a doozy of time dealing with my grandma and my dad's sisters. Everyone wants grandma settled but no one is agreeing on how that should be or when it should be done. All I can say is I am very thankful I'm not a part of it!  My mom is trying to stay out of it. She went round-robin with her sisters regarding her mom 15 years ago, so knows it gets messy.

On top of that, my folks are ticked off at their favorite grandchildren, because all they have done is make excuses as to why they didn't come to the funeral, or why they haven't come out to visit and why they keep changing when they'll be available, etc.

I'm surprised by none of it, but I do find it rather funny to hear my folks fume about it. Is it just me or hasn't this theme played out in the bible with sort of the same ending? Playing favorites doesn't end well. Period. I can tell my guys are trying to be gracious but that only goes so far. And now to hear their grandparents go on and on about how nice it was of them to be pallbearers has caused more than one round of eye rolls and a few fake gagging motion, complete with sound.

And that was just from me, so imagine their angst.

I bet Hubby is secretly happy he has to work this weekend. Except we got the guys addicted to 24 on Netflix and there were threats of watching it without him but now that we'll have company, those threats are now pointless.

And lest we forget this train is going sideways fast, found out my MIL is in the hospital with pneumonia, and a combo pack of sinus, eye, ear, and throat infections. She's been sick ever since Christmas. She isn't happy about being there as she's still paying off the cataract surgery she had done in the fall. She's been having a lot of problems with breathing for over a year. Hoping they can get to the bottom of it while she's in the hospital.

Not too thrilled with this bumpy ride, and it looks like it might be getting a bit bumpier. We might be moving. Mixed emotions on that one. Hoping to get out of the ghetto but the thought of packing stuff up and moving it all again? I shudder at the thought. Don't know yet.

But it's been a lesson in stop wringing my hands in complete worry as this produces nothing. However, I would like to point out that this is one scenario that I was worried about, so since I've been asked, repeatedly and from numerous people, if what I've worried about has ever come to pass? I can say yes..............dang it.


Julie said...

Good luck with the visit from the parents. As much as I love my Mom, I dread her visits... Maybe it's because she stays for 2-3 weeks at a time, and you have to wait on her hand and foot. Gah!