Thursday, January 3, 2013


Well it has been a busy, crazy, awesome time. Can not believe how fast time is just flying.

Apparently, all my goodies were a huge hit and I got a few thank you cards. Had a great time with my dad's side of the family. Neither my folks or the in-laws came to visit. My folks, I think, are up to something and that spells trouble and I'll just stay out of it. I'll leave off I've had a few bad dreams with all the what are they up too now and it better not cause a problem.

I, yet again, reassured myself I'm really adopted and have nothing to worry about. My folks were normal until the year I went off to college - they've been strange ever since. Maybe these people really aren't my parents and are just impostors.

Why yes, I have read a couple weird paranoia, mystery did you figure that one out?

Visits with parents and in-laws can sometimes be stressful so to be without both was stress free. 2 years in a row! Feel like I won some sort of jackpot.

The guys are having a good time. I have to admit that they both picked up the guitars really quickly and sound great. The bonus part is they are playing together. The same song - at the same time! Oh the happy in that statement.

At our old house, one kid would play one song downstairs with the other kid playing a different song upstairs. So the constant clash of songs equals noise and a serious eye twitch. I was worried I was going to experience this again but a bass guitar needs other instruments so no clashing has been going on.

And a loud sigh of relief was to be had!

We also surprised the older 2. We got them tablets. Their MP3s, for whatever reason, our computer stopped working with it. Can't see it, nothing I've tried has worked, and believe me I've tried! So we upgraded them and they have been over the moon happy. And then that moon was totally launched to a new level when Nicholas discovered a way how we could get existing music onto said tablet.

Dude is my techie - and Michael reaps the rewards!

We got Jared an i shuffle as his MP3 was also rejected by the computer. Had to use the laptop to get him squared away. I'm still having a bit of trouble loading music into the library on one computer and then getting the laptop to see it.

And it's statements like that to cause me to cuss like a drunken sailor.

But Jared has been happy with it plus with Nerf and Lego's. There have been two Nerf wars. I hear there will be another one this weekend. Somehow Hubby got the older 2 to play once - I think they were just so thrilled with what they got, they did it to be nice. I think the niceness has worn off.

I've had my cousin come hang out with us. I think I've made her my little sister. We got to go have some girl time and both of us let out a sigh of contentment as we both desperately needed it. I think I needed it more than she did but whatever.

We got 8 inches of snow day after Christmas and people were calling it a blizzard. We can't stop laughing about that one. Lot of ice - and for some reason people can't seem to figure out how to drive on it. We hear people spinning out at the stop sign

The new year was brought in by a ton of gunfire down here in the ghetto. It was rather epic. I found it odd that people felt the best way to say happy new year was to shoot at it. I bet these same people were surprised that someone got hurt from the flying bullets. But good to know - stay indoors when living in the hood or you could get shot from a stray bullet.

We took the guys to see the Jack Reacher movie. I've read enough of those books to pitch a fit that Tom Cruise got the part but actually he did a really good job. And a part of me feels weird for admitting that out loud. But fun was had by all so that's all that matters.

But looking forward to a new year and new opportunities!


Julie said...

Sorry I haven't been by in a while. I've been working so many hours, plus homeschooling, that I've just been so dang tired! ... But I am trying to catch up. I even wrote a bunch of posts for December. *lol*

Anyway, sounds like you had a great Christmas! Hope the New Year treats you well. :)

Sarah said...

It sounds like you had a terrific Christmas that was very busy. Ours was so hectic and I am looking forward to a wonderful new year with all kinds of great possibilities.