Thursday, February 28, 2013

Details, Details

I thought about putting the title The Cluckers Go To Court, but was worried that wouldn't sound right.

But what does one do when their big chicken butt gets dragged to court? Why she clucks like the big chicken that she is, of course

Okay, I'll trying to keep this brief. When we came down to Indy, as I referred to it as day in hell #2, we came across the place we are currently in. It was listed for a reasonable price, especially when you considered the neighborhood that even came with a chalk outline of dead body #7. What a teaching moment that was!


But we stayed late to sign only to have office manager leave for the day with a promise that the lease would be faxed to us. Next day we got the lease only to discover they had upped the price and told us someone was on the way over to see the property and we better sign before they do. Total scam job! But we only had one week to get out of our house and had no other choice.

So the summer totally sucked because it was beyond what we could swing. Both our parents had to help us to even get food. Totally humiliating experience which I find that interesting considering at this point we've lost our house, been through bankruptcy, and was now living in the hood, so had sort of assumed I have lived enough humiliating experiences. Clearly, I was wrong on that subject.

Humble pie? You can stop cramming it down my throat any time now.

So when the property management got fired (which we found out they are getting sued because of some shady shenanigans going on) it was the very month that neither folks could help us and it was either we got food and paid our electric bill OR we paid rent.

Blessing? Possibly. But my kids ate and honestly that is an experience I never want to go through again.

The next month rolled around and while hubby was no longer on probation pay, it still wasn't the amount he was told by human resources. (I think HR is Latin for lies through teeth.) Thus, leaving us in a still tight spot but no one to contact. The month after that was better but by this time we're two months in the hole. We had angry bill collectors from old utilities in Michigan because it was that bad, so I paid those off. Then there was Christmas. And then the new year showed up with a new property manager and demands for the full amount. We hemmed, we hawed and hoped our tax return would get here in time. No such luck, we were sued and off to small claims court.

Can I just say how much I really, really hate court? And I find that whole ordeal to be another humbling experience. And what can you say? Yup, we signed a lease for an amount we had no way we could pay but our backs were up against a wall. There were some moments of totally getting the whole 'I owed a debt, I could not pay and He paid a debt, He did not owe'. But there were a lot of nights of hot tears and angry demands of asking God where did He go and why are we going through this? AGAIN!

We had a week to make an agreement with new property managers who refused to return all our calls. We went to court and the judge was none to pleased with this so she terminated the lease which doesn't look bad on us but we have to get out in just over a week.

Seriously, why does this crap keep happening? It's like a really bad spy novel happening over and over and over again with some strange conspiracy. And did I mention my mom wanted me to file all kinds of whack-a-do stuff? No? Left that out, huh?

Imagine my level of angst. It was so bad, I swear I sprained my eyebrow muscle. Thought I was forming an eyebrow zit but nope, just severe stress.

We've made a few phone calls on a couple places. Came home and Fred deserves some sort of an award as the place is mostly packed! We haven't been able to sell his truck so we're going to get insurance on it and get plates to make it legal to help with the move. We were hoping to sell it or trade it in for a car but that will have to wait because we go back to court in April to find out how much back rent we owe. Hoping we don't have to pay the full amount. We had to fix the furnace and the leaky sink and don't even get me started on the toilet that they refused to fix. You sit on it and it feels like the whole thing is going to tip forward.

So it has been interesting. I really hope we pass the test this time around because this is nuts and I really don't want to have to go through this again....again.

The guys were joking around saying we've already survived several end of the world moments, not to mention all the other crap that we must be getting close to some sort of super level immortal status. I'm thinking not - feels more like hammered poo, but that's just me.