Friday, February 1, 2013


I had to set my comments on no anonymous comments thanks to all the spam I was getting hit with. I still don't understand why people have nothing better to do then to spam a blog. If I was really in the market for that crap, I think I would know how to find it. After spending a day cleaning out over a hundred spam comments, I changed the settings. I didn't want to do the word verification because I find those annoying. Not to mention I can't even read those most of the time. Please tell me I'm not the only person that has had to hit the refresh button like 50 times until I can finally tilt my head to sort of make it out? Anyone? Bueller??

Speaking of movies - Groundhog day is almost here. The only reason I even care about this is I make everyone watch the movie at least 2 times in a row. Favorite part is when Phil punches Ned. I'm not sure what that says about me, but I laugh until I start to hork up a lung from all the coughing.

Bet you wished you were here. Or not. Totally understand.

Besides, I've spent the last couple days with my nose in different books. I'm sort of wondering what God is trying to say here. I read Mary Beth Chapmen's book Choosing to See. Oh my word! It should come with a box of Kleenex!! Reading her experience about adopting and then the tragedy that hit their family but how they hung on to the Lord is a very emotional ride.

The next book I read is about a missionary in Africa and about tending the orphans. I then read 23 minutes in hell and how God doesn't want anyone to perish but we're to choose life or death. Couple other books about adoption and how we're adopted into God's family and about how God is love and His love for us. All these books back to back.....not sure what to make of that.

I've asked Fred if felt our family was complete and he said yes. I feel that way as well. But.....  As you look at the trinity Father, Spirit, Son - they were complete yet they chose to open their arms for all who will accept. Because that's what love did - it came and rescued me.

Makes me wonder. But I know I have it on the brain as that's what I'm writing about and that was way before I read these books. You bullies finally won - I'm writing fiction. Don't hold your breath on seeing it published anytime soon. Lot of work, it's not done, not to mention I get totally and completely overwhelmed anytime I've looked into the publishing process. Lately, it has been a real struggle to get much mental work done. I'm always waiting on one of the guys to finish with something else so I can get stuff done. By the end of the day, I'm done! And there are still dishes to deal with. Yay!

Eh, if it's meant to be I'll actually finish the thing. Hard to believe it would get accepted because so many times I've thought if I can't even write a blog that's interesting how am I going to write a book?!?  Then there is that whole can't make a point and long windedness - I'm sure I would be an editor's nightmare.

Lot of stuff floating around. Doesn't help I already have another book in mind. I can start off with a bang but that whole finishing part? H-a-r-d! I would like to blame it all on my personality and while that is true, it doesn't make getting stuff done any easier because it's just staring at me, taunting me to actually get if finished. I would like to tell you that I'm all that's it! I'm kicking it into overdrive to get it done......but that isn't true and I get easily distracted and oooo shiny!

Where was I?

I was trying to make a point but it just floated away. Oh well. I will trust you figured it out. Now could someone tell me what it was because I'm worried that last point was important.

Maybe instead of spamtastic I should have put craptastic.


jubilee said...

I've been getting all kinds of anon spamtastic comments too! At least I know I am in good company!

Joanna said...

It was getting completely out of hand! And it was on post like 4 years ago! I had over 60 comments on a post from anything and everything. Um, no. Sheesh!

Julie said...

While I HATE spam (thankfully, my blog doesn't get much)... I even MORE hate those word verification boxes! I can never tell what the letters are! *lol*

Joanna said...

I'm with ya Julie! I have to squint and even then I can't always tell. Ha!

Kerri said...

Yes, word verification SUCKS. Especially if I'm having a fit of double vision! HATE IT. I switched my comments recently to accept anonymous, and oh yes. Spam. It's not just a Hawaiian delicacy anymore, Sparky. The poorly worded English is a dead giveaway.