Friday, February 8, 2013

Who Needs Reality TV?

Especially when I can just gaze out my window and watch another episode of As The Gangsta Waddles. Yesterday's episode consisted of Tyrone and Skinny Pete getting pulled over (right near our place) and what luck! There were bags and bags of stuff that I'm pretty sure wasn't lawn clippings or bags of baking soda.

I can't even make this stuff up.

Tyrone kept his cool but the same could not be said of poor Skinny Pete. He must have been sampling the stuff because dude couldn't walk a straight line to save his life. Which it didn't. I'm not sure what they did with him. Tyrone, however, was in serious trouble. They brought a special van just for him. I'm thinking they decided to just skip court and send his butt right to prison.

There was only so much we could peak through the blinds without causing TOO MUCH notice.


But I was in a mood that moment so I, being all weird, had to have a running commentary of what the conversation might have gone. My guys were in stitches. But I'm sitting here remembering it and it doesn't sound as funny - you would have had to seen what was going on to make what I was saying make sense.

I think I need a hobby.

Besides mocking the disturbed people of the hood.

Seriously. How am I not suppose to make a vocal observation when I'm noticing some people unable to walk in a straight line? Down the middle of the road? Epic.sarcasm. I wonder if I need a warning label? Caution: the person in front of you has sarcasm mode on all the time. Speak to her at your own risk.

Suddenly my life makes a tiny bit more sense right now.


Kerri said...

Tyrone and Skinny Pete.
{snort} LOLOLOL

Julie said...

Sometimes I wish I could be a fly on your wall. ;)

jubilee said...

Poor Skinny Pete. Poor Tyrone. They have no idea the entertainment value they have. If they did, they'da charged you 50 Cent.

Joanna said...

Kerri!! You're alive?!? Yay!!!

Julie - it can be entertaining and disturbing all at the same time. ;)

Jubilee - that made me laugh!