Friday, March 29, 2013

The Move.....Again

When we last left our heroine she was up to her eyeballs in boxes. She was more than overwhelmed to find herself less then a year. As fate would have it, Hubby brought home the plague and all the guys were wiped out. She pressed on and helped the Hubby who was barely functioning to load up the storage unit to save them time. They applauded the brilliance of the idea and it really did save their bacon.

She called the church to line up some helpers for the move. Helpers were promised but none showed up which did not surprise anyone. So the clan of 5 faced moving all by themselves as everyone else had plans plus no one was at a 100%. They were able to get the keys to the place Friday and Saturday arrived with our heroine feverish and shaking with chills. She also lost her voice and everyone was coughing their heads off.

I think I can now say this was the worst move ever. I hope life doesn't take that as a challenge.

We were supposed to be out by the 9th. Yeah, that didn't happen. We ended up spending the night at the old place Saturday and Sunday as we were worried the locks would be changed. We had so many crazy weird things happen, it was beyond discouraging. Everything from a tire blowing out on the dolly as we were trying to unload the frig, raining so the ramp was slick and a few of us slid off, to the truck not starting so we had to get it towed. Found out breathing hard triggers coughing fits. Which guess what you do when you move stuff? You breathe hard. All of us felt like we had gargled with broken glass.

Monday rolled in with Fred having to take the day off and my folks came down to help. We thought we were all set only to find out there was a mix-up regarding utilities and the water and heat was shut off by Monday at the new place. Tuesday I made a ton of calls and by 10 p.m. we still had no heat or water. I did mention we were all sick during this time right? God bless the gas guys because the dispatcher had an emotionally charged woman to deal with and they sent someone out to get our heat on at 11 p.m. Which was good because it was snowing by this time.

The next day, more calls were made and promises of water being turned on but no one ever came out. They basically wanted to do a meter read before we could turn the knob to have water in the house. We figured after I called 4 times, had confirmation numbers etc, they were flipping sol on their meter read and we turned the knob on by 8 p.m.

We thought things were good.....until we found out the water heater wasn't working. Did you ever see the scene in Groundhog Day where the guy takes a shower but it was cold water? Yeah, that's pretty much what Fred went through. The rest of us decided to just stink then go through that kind of torture. Plumber guys came out - a few days later - and fixed it all up. We had hot water and much rejoicing was in the land.

As the next day arrived laundry was beyond piling up, so I went to do a load, only to have lake Erie appear in the basement. A lot of boxes sat in the water while it took me forever to get the stupid shop vac figured out and suck up all the water.

Why yes, I did have a meltdown. How did you figure that out?

Next day, different guys came out to see what was wrong with the drain. Everything drained as it was supposed to and I was mocked for wasting dude's time. They left. More laundry was tried and more water showed up. I called back, and they came back. Everything was draining fine and I was getting teased by plumber until water started to bubble up through drain and the guy outside came running in as he said it was backing up.

Told ya!

I guess there are roots in the pipe and was causing some draining issues. We now know if the downstairs toilet starts to gurgling to shut off the washing machine which has only happened twice since.

In the middle of all this my mom insisted on making us curtains. I can't remember if I ever shared that she made us curtains a looooong time ago and Fred hated those things - with a passion. Declared them the ugliest things he ever saw. Dude isn't a huge pattern type person. Wait, that's not true. How about we just say that our taste and hers are totally different, m'kay?

She showed up with a solid brown color and I sighed a sigh of relief. Until she wanted Fred to put grommets in them. He talked her out of it and came up with an idea that worked a lot better. He found curtain rings with little clips on them that clip to the material which was a good plan because it took her all day just to sew the panels together. This did throw off her measurements and the curtains are a hair too long but she said she'll come back later to hem it better. It's all good.

And if all that wasn't enough, we found out that if you move more than once a year, you will get charged for it. Dish charged us $50 and AT&T charged us $50 but they ended up having to send someone to install a new line etc. so it turned out to be $150. At least they gave us a new modem.

Not gonna lie, I think Fred had to talk me off the ledge. Dude has been working overtime like crazy to help cover all these extra expenses and then come home and try to get everything organized. We got the storage unit emptied yesterday. Oi! Yesterday was a story all it's own! Had my cousin here last couple of days. Her and her now ex-boyfriend had a huge blowup and there have been threats, nasty emails, and wild accusations that would make any trashy high school proud.

So there have been all kinds of tears but for different reasons flying around here. But we are finally all feeling better and the place is coming together. Although today I discovered the kitchen sink is leaking and the monitor on our computer died. Seems like this crazy junk doesn't want to go away just yet. At least we're out of the ghetto so that's the positive note in all of this.


Lorraine said...

Double and triple Oi!! And only one meltdown??? I think I would be in chronic meltdown!! I hope you had stocked up on chocolate prior to your moving...and after!! Still think you need to write a book.....

Joanna said...

I could have had several meltdowns but blocked it from my memory, which is possible. I was so sick, chocolate didn't sound good at all. However, aunt flo fixed that and chocolate and I are best buds again.

Julie said...

That DOES INDEED sound like the worst. move. ever. *yikes* ... I hope everyone is well, and the water leaks are behind you!