Monday, April 29, 2013

Apparently If You Blink A Week Or Two Will Fly By

Or maybe that's a whole month. At least it certainly feels like it. It's been a crazy month and that's sort of an understatement. It's been wonderful and awful, terrific and horrible.

Oh, come on - this is me. Did you expect anything less?

Had a great stay-cation. True to form, it went by too fast. We had something for everyone. Fred and the older 2 went camping, Jared and I had a movie marathon - even got to take him to see Wreck It Ralph at the repeat theater.

Fred and I got out to have a day just for us, but it was cut short when we had to come home as the basement flooded from all the heavy rainwater. Take Lake Michigan and dump it on a city in 15 minutes and that's pretty much what happened. I'll give the guys credit for their quick thinking. They got all the electric cords off the floor and was able to move a few things out of the way.

I did mention our bedroom and family room was in the basement, right?

We had 2 more flooding episodes at 1 a.m. and at 3:30 a.m. but Fred and the mighty shop vac was able to keep on top of it. Thankfully, it was just that night that we've had flooding and even more thankful that the carpet remnants were saved. I was really worried they were going to be ruined but no mold or musty smells have remained. I was able to prop up the carpet edges and run fans so air was able to get underneath it and got the whole thing dried out pretty quickly.

We did have a few huge earthworms that were hiding under the dryer that caused me to scream and go running out of the laundry room. The guys got a good laugh about that and declared me such a girl. I'm not even sure how to answer that one other then duh! and nice to see you passed anatomy.

The comment sort of irked me and clearly it was a sign I needed to get away from the men folk. And just my luck, our church was having a ladies conference. It was weird because I'm still like Ack! People! Get away!! But since I'm bored out of my mind, have resigned myself to suck it up and go mingle.

However, God showed up and it really was a great conference much to my surprise. Had a couple prophetic words spoken over me that was spot on, and a couple I sort of cocked an eyebrow at God and said we'll see. I've been having some good bible studies lately too! Lot of growth and I'm liking it. After feeling dead for such a long time, nice to see some life.

Got my lil sissy moved. Bummed that she moved farther away but glad for her. Matters of the heart always seem to cause a lot of drama. My guys got an earful about relationships. But we got her all loaded up in little over an hour and then hung out and had pizza. God certainly opened up some doors for her so that's cool.

Got glasses for everyone except J. He was pitching a fit about it to the point I was ready to shove him in a box and mail him to some far distance away from me. He doesn't need them and I didn't feel like wasting another eye exam to be told, again, that he doesn't need them. The eye doc said I made the right call but have him checked at 16 before he does any driving. Relieved to have that round of mom guilt put to rest. However, we are still waiting on Michael's glasses to get in. Nicholas has had his for a few days. This is something that I really hate about having twins - someone is always waiting and someone is always disappointed and there is nothing that can be done about it. Happy for one, frustrated for the other one.

Jared's birthday is a week away and he's been a bit spastic. Guys have just over 2 weeks of school work left and then we're on summer break. Not bad when you consider we took all of March off of school. I'm not sure who is more ready for summer break - them or me. I feel like I'm constantly waiting on someone else.

Our ancient dryer has now decided to do an impersonation of a cement mixer, so anyone doing their school work on the downstairs computer can't hear a blooming thing if the dryer is running. I have to babysit the washer because we never know when the drain is going to back up and spew water out of the floor. We at least have the gurgling toilet as a warning sign to shut off the washer before Lake Erie shows up. And I can't do any laundry at night because I'm pretty sure Fred would like to actually get some sleep.

And let us discuss laundry while we're at it, shall we? The older the kids get, the more laundry there is. And sadly, they still wait until they are down to the last whatever before announcing this dire circumstance. The frustrating thing is I never know when the drain is going to cooperate. Some days I can crank out laundry and other days it takes all day of starting/stopping the washer while I'm usually standing near the drain yelling at it to just suck it up and take it.

My life - it's messed up.


Julie said...

I would not be happy with all the flooding! Ack!

We finished up homeschooling by tge 26th. I am SO HAPPY to be on summer vacation! :D

jubilee said...

Had my share of flooding washers that get all uppity and think they are cement mixers, so I can empathize! Ack is right!