Thursday, May 30, 2013

Didn't See That One Coming

May....the very, very month of May. I was taken by surprise....

I have no idea how that songs goes. But May has taken me by surprise to say the least. It has been busy! 

Guys are on summer break, I got my own new set of wheels, which has led to many an errand to be run. My new dryer is whirring quietly away. Bliss! If I overlook the fact that I'm cranking out laundry, I am happy with the quiet.

I've tried to write several blog posts to try and keep my therapy real but I ended up deleting every single one, never to show it the light of day. Who knew I actually had boundaries and stuff? Either that or I didn't feel like I could bring the post together. Which I'm sure confuses most of you because most of my posts are just weird random rants anyway.

But this month has really rocked my world. I wasn't aware that I'm so use to trudging to the point that it's so ingrained that I find all of this weird. I don't know how to describe how I've spent all month just clenched up waiting for the blow to the gut. Something really great happened and it is such a foreign concept to me that I'm having trouble processing it, and at times, accepting it.

As if I wasn't already a freak as it was - lets go and toss in a few more whack-a-do stuff, shall we?

I sort of feel bad for God because He has had to go above and beyond reassuring me lately. I just read a story about a lady's grandma was a survivor of a concentration camp and how she wolfed down food and had a hard time getting used to comfort. While I am no where near that level, I found myself sort of understanding it just a tiny bit. I'm finding it hard to mentally shift gears.

We've had some fun. As I said both of us have newer vehicles and are at various stages of waiting for titles and plates. We're giving Fred's dad Clifford the big, red work truck so there is more stages of transferring titles and I'm thrilled that it's going to be a blessing to him. We are getting the older guys new instruments which they are excited about. I can't seem to convince them to do driver's training. We have a few other fun things planned out.


I find myself bracing for the bad. That's not good but I'm not sure how to stop. I'm working on it.

We f-i-n-a-l-l-y are done with the small claims stuff. Didn't really go in our favor but it could have been worse and we have the means to pay it off and move on, so I'm choosing to see this has a positive. I can say that after I whined to God about it and all He really said was owe no man anything but love. Well, okay than. Not much more I can say about that, now can I?

Several other things going on but if I were to list out everything I'm sure my own eyes would roll back into my head from all the words on the screen.

I do have a funny. One of the times my folks were down I had made a chocolate cobbler which reminded my mom of some pudding dessert thing and she wanted the recipe. I emailed it to her and thought nothing of it. Next time I talked to her she said that it turned out terrible, so I must have given her the wrong recipe.

Okay, that would so not happen and my eyebrow cocked into a say what? pose, which is never a good sign.

She went on to tell me that she was really disappointed in it and blah, blah, blah. And I had this moment where I stared at the phone because I knew what she did wrong. I wasn't sure if I should proceed or just let it slide.

The eyebrow said, she's going down!

I asked, "Mom, did you use self-rising flour?"
Her response: "Well yeah I used flour - whatever it is that's in the cupboard."
Me: "That's all purpose flour - you have to use self-rising flout."
Long pause.
Her: "It's the same thing, right?"
Me: busting out laughing
Still gasping for air
Me: "Um, nope."
Still laughing
Her: "Shut up or I'll make you my special cupcakes."

Dang! I think she just threatened to cut me.