Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Bit Of This And That

Big shock - nothing has been done. I did finally get up the nerve to write a nasty-ish letter to go with our rent check. I am setting the stage. We've done the 500 phone calls of nothing to show for it, so I've moved on to the letter of you better do something.

I am chicken - hear me cluck!

Besides, the guy I'm suppose to call doesn't answer my phone calls. I'm still working up the nerve to squawked out a mild observation of this is violating Indiana code followed by a veiled threat of possibly contacting a lawyer. I just want them to do their job and get stuff done. I understand being busy, but what I don't understand is the excuse after excuse to just down right not doing it. How many times do you have to call before someone just does their job? And I can not stress enough how I really, really don't want to go to court for one more flipping thing!

Makes me so mad I could just spit. That is if I could actually spit instead of the dribble of shame that may or may not lob off my chin. So classy.

My FIL made it out to collect Clifford the big, red work truck. He was super happy, but then guilt moved in and he felt bad about it for reasons that escape me. I told him if he was that bothered by it he could find a car for the boys to learn to drive in. I'm actually hoping he does it. I told Fred I have decided I like my Blazer too much to let newbies drive it. Not to mention if I were in their shoes, I would be begging not to learn to drive that hog. This leaves Fred's vehicle which isn't exactly a car plus he's working. We shall see. Right now I'm still having to get them to actually read the driver's manual to actually pass their test.

Speaking of that - I think I may have caused a stir. Jared is in the throws of 14 year hormone hell. One day he was super grumpy, which is soooo not him. The next day he was super clingy where he would tackle people to snuggle them. The day after that was a wicked combination of the two. Dude is taller than Michael and is quickly gaining on Nicholas much to his delight. The smugness almost cost him his life a couple times.

So. He observes his brothers reluctance to driving. I stupidly made the comment that maybe I should have Jared read it and give them the highlights. Stupid, stupid, stupid! Words can not express what a colossal mistake that turned out to be, because Jared ran with it. I think he read almost the whole thing and then started tossing out "did you know?" fun facts about driving much to the angst of his older brothers.

That boy is either incredibly brave or incredibly stupid.

Now he pipes up from the way back of the vehicle about different rules for driving. You might want to pray for him. I thought it was going to come to blows and that was after he started commenting on my driving. The child has inherited not only my sarcastic mouth but also the ability to cluck like a chicken. So he'll start something and then take off squawking like a chicken of pleas not to kill him with feathers flying with his brothers hot on his heels, batting away the feathers.

If only I could afford to drink, because goodness knows I have the motivation.

My mom happened to call shortly after this and I was sort of boo-hooing about it, and of course, the woman offers absolutely no sympathy whatsoever. Instead she cackled that I did the same thing to my brother and she took great delight in how things go around.

Me, being me, took that moment to point out that hopefully said brother would be paroled in time to cart her butt all over the place like she is with her MIL. The cricket chirps were rather deafening.

Welp. If I'm going to be spending quality time repenting, I might as well make it worth while.

I got an email from my MIL. That cross-stitch picture I was supposed to get done for mother's day but didn't - sent it along with FIL. She loved it, which I was relieved. Darn thing gave me fits. Never underestimate that when you use like 15 shades of green with just a few stitches here and there, it will eat up your time. But glad it's done and she liked it.

I am still struggling with my time management. I can't say as I'm entirely surprised especially since I get easily distracted by things, but I still find it frustrating that the list of things I need to do aren't getting done. I'm stuck here waiting on different people who are supposed to show up and do their job. So as the days creep by with nothing to show for it, it's carrying over to other areas. I finally can go off and run errands only to not be able to as I wait for others.

Oh irony, I really hate you at times. And please, take that personally.