Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I Did Mention September Was Booked Out, Right?

Because life apparently didn't get the memo. I feel like I'm walking around with a calendar and a list trying to keep everything straight. We haven't lost anyone or forgotten anything yet so that's progress, right?

School is going good....ish. The older 2, having done everything in previous years, has a ridiculously light load verses J is having to pay the piper with 8th grade stuff. He's not happy with a lot of it and doesn't like having to do everything every day. I said next year is high school and it's only going to get harder. He said I wasn't encouraging.

But he's been so busy that he's having to do a couple days work smushed into one day. Apparently, the dude is sort of a salesman. He says he just wants money and that he wouldn't pick this for a career. My dad said Jared is doing very well, takes care of the customer, and his only complaint about him is that he is hard to wake up in the morning. Gosh, I don't know where the child got that from. *cough, cough*

I did find it hilarious when my dad said that the girls were flocking to Jared and he just acted like they didn't exist. Dad said they made extra sales because the girls would drag their dads over to try the sauce while they batted their eye lashes at the clueless boy. Plus, the booth right next to theirs had three girls with their mom who was selling candles. My understanding is that the girls were really trying to get his attention, which just made him ignore them even more. Guess it was a viscous cycle. He said take two of Sissy and shove her into one and that's how spastic they were times three. Couldn't stop laughing.

Speaking of Sissy, she's on her way here now as it is girls weekend and we are off to Joyce Meyer's Women's Conference tomorrow. I should be packing but I'm waiting on the dryer. Right now the place is a mess and I'm leaving it all behind. Muwahaha!

I'll have the piper to pay when I get back because next weekend J will be selling BBQ sauce again and N and M will be off at a teens retreat with church. There will be lots of scrambling as everyone is going in different directions. But it sort of just dawned on me that next weekend I will be kid free! Not gonna lie, the giddiness is getting out of hand. I think there is something going on the weekend after that as well, but that's too far out for me to be concerned with at the moment. I'm sure I'll be panicking before too long but that is neither here nor there.