Monday, September 30, 2013

Up, Up, And Away!

When we last left our heroine, she was up to her eyeballs in laundry (nothing new) and was ready to take off. She had an incredible time. So incredible that she is still trying to process all of it's...well....incredibleness. Sadly, time would not allow her to dwell on it and ended up getting rid of her spawn for a glorious weekend that went by waaay too fast.

I seriously wonder what is wrong with you empty-nesters. This peace and quiet and not having to shovel dishes out of the sink every flipping day is what you whine and complain about? Because why?!? I told my mom later that it was glorious and not something to dread as I was led to believe. She told me she feels the same way but wasn't going to clue me in on the fact that this is awesome because she didn't want to hurt my feelings that she really enjoyed the fact that my brother and I have moved out.

Well, okay then.

The guys all had their own weekend of incredibleness - at least the twins did. They are still processing what all God laid on their hearts. They got to go through another round of name that twin. Thankfully, neither one pulled the "hey, are you guys twins?" with a "nope, you're just seeing double." It has happened a few times. But they are maturing faster than a speeding bullet. As in I walked into the kitchen to discover Nicholas made himself half a pot of coffee and announced he liked it.

As if that boy needed any more get up and go juice.

I'm trying to convince Michael to try some. So far he is resisting. It's not like I like the stuff, but if it could get him to move faster than his morning crawl, than I am all for it and will buy all forms of coffee paraphernalia.

J made more money and this last weekend while his brothers and dad went out hiking, he conned me into taking him shopping to spend some of his money. I'm going to totally own up to the fact that I enjoyed dragging my feet to get to where HE wanted to go and then proceeded to whine and complain if he was done yet. He glared at me while I grinned back and pointed out just how annoying that was to hear....the entire time we were at the store.

Hey, don't give me that look. He totally sowed it, so I was helping him reap it. It was my thought that maybe it would break him from being a whining brat that he seems to still be doing. I swear he is 14 going on 12 verses the other 2 are 17 going on 25. And J has shot up a couple inches in just a couple months and his voice has lowered by a lot. It messes with my head. I thought he was Nicholas. As if 2 of them don't mess with my head already, we are now tossing the other one into the mix.

This ought to be interesting.

And by interesting, I mean I wonder if I'll still be able to form complete sentences.

I'm thinking our heroine needs some more time for life to slow down a bit for her to finish processing some stuff. Fingers crossed that the schedule for October won't be as crazy as the schedule was for September.