Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I'm Thinking Of A Word....Or Two

It may be shell shocked or zombie apocalypse - both are fitting. I'm not sure which one I'm feeling or resembling.

I've wanted to blog about a trillion things, but sadly I don't have the time. When I do get the time, I'm only half awake and goodness knows I have enough blog posts that should be filed under junk. I had this whole post going off about all this political junk and how frustrating this supposed affordable health care isn't, and how concern I am because people don't realize just how mean and nasty the IRS can be when they have someone in their sights. But from what I've read just about everyone is fed up with all this stuff too and I would just be another voice.

 I've also had a truck load of stuff God's been teaching me and how stronger I am and the wow moments I've had, not to mention how awesome the guys are doing and how humbling it is to see our years of hard work to see some mighty fine men emerging. But.....I....just haven't had the time.

I've tried to write a few posts but I end up going in several directions and then can't tie it off and just sound really long winded. Which sounds like a normal post but toss in that lack of time factor and you can see what a pickle I'm in.

First off, no one ever prepared me for how flipping busy I would be with teenagers. All this last year school stuff, driver's training, people wanting to be fed all the time - it has left me dragging. The schedule has been so crazy that I've had to start grocery shopping during the day with just the guys for one week at a time. I think we're saving money - I'm not sure. We are getting it done a lot faster but the downer is I'm stuck going to the store every.single.week.

Please take note that I am not thrilled with doing this and have to about punch myself in the face to keep me from quitting and running away from home. Due to smaller refrigerator and lack of storage space, I've had to do things differently and really don't have much of a choice. Fred is trying, but failing, at keeping this happy turn of events to a dull shine. He's stuck doing all the driver's training until they can handle driving down a road without freaking out. Goodness knows, we do not need me with a couple of freaked out drivers. This traffic is crazy enough as it is and I'm pretty sure my nerves couldn't handle that much stress. So I picked up the slack by letting him off the hook with groceries. I think it's a win, win.

Although, I'm not sure we should be allowed out in public without some sort of supervision. Lets face it, Fred is the calm one of this crazy train.

We were at Cracker Barrel a couple months ago and while we were waiting, I was looking at stuff with the guys trailing me around. A lady noticed this and joked that I had my own protection detail. The guys thought this was funny and have ran with it ever since. Every time I go to get in a vehicle I hear one of them say in a super low voice, "sector 4 is all clear". On and on this joke goes. So imagine the four of us out shopping in stuffmart where you really do need some sort of security with you. Not going to lie - the hilarity is rather awesome. Especially when Jared stopped a couple aisle hogs and told them I needed to get by. I wasn't sure if I should smack him or thank him. It's when he said all clear is when I started cracking up laughing.

I haven't written stuffmart posts in a long time simply because it is a lot different in a big city. I've taken more of a military approach - get in, get out, and hopefully not get dismembered in the process. The worst part is coming back out to the parking lot because that's when people come up to you asking for money and we've had a bag get swiped once. Having less carts to deal with during daylight has gone better. Michael snagged the last rotisserie chicken for me and had that sucker tucked under his arm dodging people like it was a football game.

Okay, slight exaggeration, but you're getting the picture. We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

The funny thing is that the guys really have stepped up in a lot of areas. It's been weird. Parenthood can leave you feeling like you're trudging, or at the very least just trying to survive. So it can be a challenge to remember to take the hands off and let them do it. And here's the shocker - I'm not the worst offender. Things have been so crazy busy that we need more hands to get stuff done, so they've had to step in. Older two are doing great and this gives me hope that the younger one will catch up.

Because he is still 14 and I'm not sure if his brain is fully functioning. It also doesn't help that he is now taller than his brothers by a hair.

Can you smell the angst from there?

Trust me, it gets a bit thick at times. And I'm not talking about their laundry either.