Thursday, November 21, 2013

Pass The Cranberry Sauce And Call Me A Turkey

I am in the middle of holiday pre-pre-preparations. And by that I mean I am trying to make up my flipping mind what it is I'm going to do. Because Hubby dear's schedule took a swan dive off the cliffs of insanity and has left me saying poop.

The hospital that he works at is in the process of moving to a new facility, and if you know Fred you know dude can organize like crazy and works hard and long. His name came up a few times on who was going to be on the crew to do things. Which he knew this going in and we're all on board. It's just that I thought he was going to be at his normal clinic for the holiday party they throw and had things planned out. But now he won't bet there.

Well, okay then.

To try and make sense of this - the crew he normally works with is 3 other techs and 2 pharmacist and then we have adopted Nurse Dianne. I am so bad at blogging I now feel like I need to back up and explain things but sadly, I'm not. Simply because I got to get dinner going here shortly. But the total is 6 people to make up some serious goodies for and I had a plan. Besides, I now have a reputation to uphold. Either that or I need therapy because it just screams someone like me for all my baking goodness!

The hospital crew is a lot more than that and the thought of making up serious goodness times a lot of people makes me go hide under the table and holler ba-humbug! So now I feel all kinds of angst and not sure what to do. Like more so than normal angst.

But before I can really stress over that - Thanksgiving will soon be upon us. I'm amazed my folks have gotten better at giving me more time than 2 days warning that they are coming. They will also have my grandma. I've been wondering how she's doing. This is the first holiday season without grandpa and I can't imagine how down she must be feeling. Hoping we can cheer her up. If we can do that I feel like some sort of an award should be handed to us. She is as happy as an out of joint bone.....on a cold day....when joints ache. Exactly. Plus she doesn't really care for my mom either.

I'll let you stop and ponder that joyous little circle of gloom. I'll even permit you a giggle or five so long as I can join in. Secretly, of course, less they hear us and make our lives miserable.

Where was I? Ah yes, trying to get my turkey on. The downer is this place is a lot smaller and we're packing in extra people and for whatever reason that makes me get cranky. I don't like smaller living spaces. I think it reminds me too much of the apartment we lived in when the guys were little. I mean this place is so small - we aren't going to do a tree this year. I have an idea I saw on Pinterest but I'm still trying to get Fred on board with it. We shall see what his royal awesomeness comes up with because I got nothing.

Gobble, gobble!