Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Cooked Turkey

We actually had a nice Thanksgiving. Amazingly enough. I am thankful for that because blog post of yore would back me up on the tension. So grateful for the lack of tension and that everyone was able to behave themselves. Myself included. I did get a chuckle that my mom didn't get all bothered by my cop story but she was surprised at my reaction to the other cop story.

I know, you are shocked that there could be yet another cop story.

I'm still laughing about it. Probably because it had nothing to do with us.

We've had issues with a handful of neighborhood kids. Things like firecrackers being set off in our mailbox, banging on the door at 3 a.m. - stuff like that. The brats kids have even tipped over our garbage can. It seems that our driveway and backyard was their personal hangout place before we moved in. And since Hubby refused to let me have the paintball gun, he told the juvenile delinquents of tomorrow kids to go hang out somewhere else. Which they did but still had an occasional thing tossed at the door at 1 in the morning.

Total mystery why I'm actually starting to get on board with doing another move, but that's for another post.

There was a hole in the backyard fence and for whatever reason it's easier for kids to hop through this hole and cut through our yard than to actually use the stupid sidewalk. Whatever. Except this hole kept getting bigger and bigger until I noticed a couple weeks ago that most of the fence collapsed. This fence isn't on our property and we rent so that all equals up to S.E.P. (someone else's problem.)

Day before Thanksgiving I was in the kitchen doing this and that and happened to look out the window to see more kids hopping the fence. It's the same group that has been a royal pain all summer long. After they hopped on our side, they ran and jumped over the other neighbor's fence and then circled around and did it again. I didn't think anything of it and finished what I was doing. I went to go sit in my chair that's near the window facing the road when what did my eyes see? But the same group of brats all handcuffed and sitting on the lawn across the street from us!

Oh, heck yeah!! Book em Dano!

Cops were all over the place. I'm guessing that they were trying to nab a few other kids. The daycare next to us had kids out but they hustled them indoors right quick. All of this while I was yelling from the safety of closed doors that justice has prevailed!

The running commentary we came up with was hilarious. Probably inappropriate, but hilarious none the less. It's not that I'm heartless because these kids looked to be Jared's age some even younger, but it's been shocking to watch these kids total lack of respect for other people's property. They've acted like they own the neighborhood. One of the moms was out there yelling at her kid, and rightfully so, but why wasn't she on these kids months ago? Before school started these kids were horrible and were out at all hours of the night.

They were out there for a looong time and it was a cold day. Watching their behavior and body language, they weren't repentant for whatever it was they got busted over which floors me. So I didn't find it surprising that they were cuffed and stuffed into the multiple squad cars and hauled away. I did comment as the scene cleared that I hope this wakes the little jerks up. Time will tell. I did quote from Home Alone - "Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal." as the last car pulled away.

Not going to lie - I laughed about the whole thing for days. And I did find it funny that my mom said that I wasn't being very nice by laughing at someone else's misfortune. I did correct her that it wasn't a misfortune, but it was a consequence to multiple actions. I could tell we weren't going to agree so I made sure to change the subject. I've gotten really good at doing that - guess it's one more thing to be thankful about.