Saturday, December 7, 2013

It's Like I Can't Stop Myself With This Whole Chicken Thing

It doesn't help that my chicken butt self has all these opportunities to cluck. I need to go to bed because I am getting dragged to a tattoo place by Sissy for her appointment. No, I'm not getting one! I'm scared of needles. And I have this thing where I tend to get woozy and possibly pass out. I tried to pass a freckle off as a tat once - said it was all I could stand. For some reason, no one believed me.

Go figure.

But we're going to dull the pain by going to see Frozen first. She's seen this movie 3 times now and since I have to go, I'm dragging Jared with me. He is only going because popcorn and a frozen coke will be involved. His level of angst has been at a record high this week and this is not helping it! I'll drop him back off at home because he is just as squeamish as I am so if I go down, the boy will follow out of sympathy and loyalty.

How do I get myself dragged into these things?!? Because right now my feathers are ruffling and I'm trying to keep my clucking to a dull chirp. Thankfully, we're meeting up with another friend of Sissy's who knows what to expect because for some reason I'm supposed to be the mature one of the group. Granted, I'm older than both of them by a lot but still - not my element! And I just changed my do - I haven't had a chance to post a picture yet but I'm definitely rocking the Cruella DeVil look. I've decided to embrace the grey.

Sissy is insisting that the new look is hot and is trying to get this old broad to cave and get inked. I'm not opposed to tats (so long as it has meaning). It's just that whole needle/pain thing and being a big fricken chicken that has me saying no.'s to another wild and crazy weekend!