Monday, January 27, 2014

I Guess I Wasn't Too Clear

I made that silly little comment about needing to park it and reading a bunch of books. Some germ took that as a personal challenge and Jared's germs went crazy ba-zerk. Michael was the other causality and last weekend we could barely move. Nicholas got a little too smug about not getting the germs and Michael tossed out a threat of licking him. I couldn't stop laughing. Which turned into coughing.

I'm going to miss that lung.

This week has gone better, but I can't seem to stop coughing. And it's one of those annoying must hack out a lung type coughs but there is no productivity of freeing said lung from the crud. All the work and nothing to show for it. Unless you count the fact that I now have abs of steel. Granted, it is completely buried under a large layer of blubber, but you'll have to trust me that there are some rock hard abs from all the horking.

I took some medicine right before dinner, ate, and then sat down on the couch waiting for Mythbusters to come on. Next thing I know, Mythbusters is running the end credits and I'm mopping about half a gallon of drool off my neck.

Well. That was unpleasant.

But since I ended up with a nap, my brain read that as 'stay up all night and think of random things'. Oh the random! I think my brain tried to come up with several solutions, but I'm pretty sure it came up with zilch as I only half remember it.

I'm still slightly steamed. With being run over by a mac truck and flat on my back, I was only able to read one book. One!! I'm pretty sure I stayed in a fetal position for days on end, so I should have cranked out a few. Instead, my eyes didn't want to focus on anything other than identifying body parts I was horking out with every cough.

Gross, huh?

I've noticed that Wicked is coming to Once Upon A Time. A few people I know big, puffy heart love the musical and when I was at the book sale, I was able to snag a copy for a buck. So I thought might as well tackle that one first as the show kicks back on in March. And I am now mourning that buck and the time I wasted reading that garbage.

Seriously! One of the worst books I've ever read! I liked the concept of it, however, there was so much sex in the book that it got beyond gross. I'm not a prude, but when graphic sex scenes are tossed around every few chapters, it gets old and just screams unnecessary. I am completely confused how anyone was able to salvage enough of that story to make a musical out of it. It was so bad I immediately tossed the thing into the recycle bin as soon as I finished it. And I rarely toss books.

What fries my bacon is that person is published and has won all kinds of awards. So now I'm digging through my stack of books to pick an author who's work I enjoy to hopefully get that awful junk out of my head. Hate it when that happens. And I'm not sure what I'm more upset over - the fact that I feel I could write a better story or the fact that someone publish that garbage.

I was in full rant about it to Hubby who shot back why don't I? Took me a few beats to catch on to what he meant about me writing, and then I slide down to the floor gasping for air from all the laughing. I listed off all the stuff I did that day let alone the rest of the week. Who has time for that?!? I think I've mostly given up on blogging too. I feel like I barely make it through a week from everything that has to get done and most of the time I feel like I'm behind on that. I say this as a pile of laundry glares at me.

Maybe someday - maybe not. The thought of trying to plan more than a week hurts my head right now. I spent most of the day coming up with a grocery list and a few loads of laundry. Someone was whining about wearing his last pair of scrubs. Although, he did take pity on me and has cooked a few meals this week. Which was good as I put him down for making most the meals.

He better hopes this week goes better. Scratch that - I better rise from the ashes or he's going to make chili again. There are only so many times I can eat it before my intestines stages a revolt. I am skert we are coming to the danger zone. Especially since I'm making Cowboy Crack dip for Sunday. Oh the dips! It will be a dip-glorious day.