Thursday, February 27, 2014

Brutal, Just Brutal

What could be so beastly you may be wondering? Or possibly not.

The schedule ganged up with THE LIST! and went all gangsta! Last thing I remember it was January. I'm not entirely sure I know what year this is either.

This whole teenager thing is not for the faint of heart! I have no life because they are sucking up every waking moment. My dad just called and said he has a couple shows he could use Jared's help with, and every time Nicholas and Michael walk through the doors at church they're getting pounced on by an adult asking them to lead worship for youth group, or run the soundboard and/or PowerPoint. Lately, I've found myself running someone to something and a few Sundays I had to drop off the guys at church, run up to get Jared back and then swing back in time to snag the other two.


The older two are still needing more hours before they can get their driver's license, and it is taking FOREVER because everything is doubled. It's making everything harder and longer. The traffic is very congested down here so Fred has to take them way out of town to drive and then there are two of them that need to practice. I have yet to get into the car with them. But I have heard they are doing great but they get so stressed out about the whole thing it sort of comical.

Gosh, I wonder who's kids these belong too??? When I was their age, I already had my license, had a job, and was doing school. But while they lack some confidence, I think they are way smarter than I was at their age, and have more wisdom and talent in their pinkies than I ever could have hoped to possess.

Gone are the attitudes of you are mom and you know nothing, and it's replaced by this awe that they think I'm the most intelligent thing to roam the planet. While this does cause me to chuckle, I still have a 14 yr old that tries to smash that ooey-gooey feeling into tiny bits. There are no words to describe what a difference 4 years makes in a child. My 18 yr olds are constantly asking for advice, while my 14 yr old rolls his eyes at everything I say. And if he gets too feisty, I will tackle him and try to pin him to the ground.

Because big bottomed girls rule the world and will take any dude down. Amen.

Unfortunately, I can't keep him pinned down for long. Not to mention he got me back. He came sailing into my room right when I was getting out of bed and As in full on tackle that knocked my feet out from under me while I had a hang time of half a second before his momentum finished me off in a heap. Thankfully, the bed broke my fall. I shudder at the thought if I would have gone to the floor. It's possible I would still be there in traction unable to move. He caught me so off guard, I just sat there in a heap laughing out of sheer relief that I wasn't injured.

For the last two years, his favorite thing is to do is the flying hug. If you are fortunate, you have some furniture or a wall to help keep you propped up. If you find yourself in an open space and he comes charging - brace yourself, because it's going to feel like a wall just landed on you. I've noticed his older brothers have stopped calling him "little brother" and now refer to him as their younger brother.

They better be glad that he is so laid back in his personality or there would be some major paybacks going on!


Lorraine said...

Oh, Joanna! Fleas in the armpits brings up visuals I could do without!! And speaking of people who like to talk...I was visiting dear daughter in ABQ, hanging out at Barnes & Noble...a fave thing to do when she lived in Kazoo....and a guy glomped on, talking about gas leases and Warren Buffet and the gov't and on and on. She won't let me forget about and contends it was all my fault! They are everywhere!!

Joanna said...

Yes they are!! It's even worse when you are related to them. ;)